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Successful replantation of an amputated penis: a case report and review of the literature

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A complete reconstruction of all penile structures should be attempted in one stage which provides the best chance for full rehabilitation of the patient.

Case presentation We report the case of a year-old Berber man who was admitted at the Emergency Department for incomplete criminal amputation of his penis, which was successfully reattached by using a macrosurgical technique. After surgery, near-normal appearance and function including a good urine flow and absence of urethral stricture, capability of erection and near normal sensitivity, were observed. Conclusions The importance of using macrosurgical reimplantation in incomplete penile amputation in order to achieve better functional and cosmetic results is discussed.

In addition, we also highlight the potential anatomical role of corpus spongiosum in the arterial and venous blood supply to the penis.

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Amputation, Penis, Reimplantation Pens Penile amputation is a rare situation in daily urological practice. Treatment and care vary depending on the severity of the lesions, the consultation delay and the patient's mental state. According to the forensic medicine specialist consultation, we took the coroner's warrant for emergency surgical intervention and transferred the patient to the operating room without any consent. Microsurgical penile replantation was performed. There was no leakage in retrograde pericatheter urethrography on the 3rd postoperative week, and the urethral catheter was removed. The patient was able to void normally, and cystostomy tube was removed at the same time. Consent for all medical procedures is an important part of national and international human right law and medical ethics.

Physicians should inform patients about their problem and take a reliable consent. If the patient was unreliable for informed consent, relatives could do it.

Amputations images Penis

However, in an emergency, there is an exception in the law that let surgeons do the operation without consent for these cases. Forensic medicine, informed consent, penile amputation, replantation, traumatic How to cite this article: Amputayions Trauma Res ;6: It's the way we have always coped with bad times. Dave and Gemma on their wedding day in September Image: There, he was referred for a biopsy at Scarborough Hospital. At this stage, doctors warned that there was an "outside possibility it could be penile cancer". According to Cancer Research UK, it is rare for men below the age of 40 to get penile cancer.

PA Real Life Most cases are in men aged over The exact cause is unknown.

Suddenly it seemed serious. Dave in hospital for surgery Image: PA Real Life "I think he'd expected bad news ever since we got the letter about the scan. Gemma, Dave and Dexter and Katie at the seaside in Image: PA Real Life "We talked about what we would do if the worst happened.

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