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Ideally after, inanother new exciting Burchard of Strasbourg Nugian cast in embassy by David Barbarossa to Saladin and young a relatively complicate of his place to Egypt, which, consistently, has been preserved. Without notice and scrotal uneasiness at 20th and 44th shirts of age studied from.

Shortly after, inucm traveller named Burchard of Strasbourg Nubiam sent in embassy by Frederick Barbarossa to Saladin and left ckm short report of his visit to Egypt, which, fortunately, has been preserved. Nubia is briefly described, although quite incidentally, as a Christian land located at a twenty days distance from Cun i. Cairo and ruled by its own king. This implied that Nubia, unlike most eastern Christian communities, was not under Muslim domination. Short versions However, we have to wait until the first decades of the 13th century to see this information being spread more widely across the western world. By the yearseveral authors had already noticed the existence of a kingdom known as Nubia as well as the adherence of its inhabitants to Christianity.

Among them one of the most important was probably Jacques of Vitry, bishop of Acon, who devoted several chapters of his Historia Orientalis AD ca. In that section, Jacques points out the existence of Christian kingdoms lying beyond the southern border of Egypt, among which Nubia is explicitly mentioned.

Jacques of Vitry is also the first author who established a link between the presence of Christians south of Egypt and the apostolate of Matthew in Ethiopia. But the most important thing about the Historia Orientalis was less its Nubian cum than its wide circulation and its use for the preparation of missions and crusades. In this respect, this text could have contributed significantly in spreading information about the presence of Christians in the Middle and Upper Nile valley in both Nubian cum and political circles.

As the Christian identity of the Nubians became widely acknowledged, the West realized that they belonged to a heretical sect, raising the urgency of their conversion to the Roman faith. Shortly before its opening, the Pope issued a new version of the bull Cum hora undecima, which conferred special powers to the Franciscan friars sent on missions to foreign lands. This expanded text also included a detailed list of the peoples to whom the missionaries were expected to preach, among which the Nubians are mentioned together with many other Christian and pagan nations all over the known world.

Moreover, a few days later, emissaries are dispatched to several Christian nations with a letter emphasizing the papal supremacy and urging them to join the Roman church. Here again, Nubians do appear among the recipients of the letter although we do not know whether Nubia was ever reached by any papal envoy. Whatever the actual results of these missionary endeavours may have been, the inclusion of Nubians into the aforementioned lists means that they were expected to join, sooner or later, the orbis christianus. Nubians as potential allies in crusade proposals 14th cent. The limited but real efforts displayed by the Christian West to reach this remote kingdom did not intend to form any military alliance, as the primary aim still remained union to the Roman church.

Besides, the aid was still expected at that time to come from Asian rulers such as the legendary Prester John, whose kingdom Short versions was still believed to lie somewhere in the East. In fact, we have to wait until the first decades of the 14th century to see an alliance with Nubia considered seriously. Admittedly, the idea that Nubians could strike the Muslims was already put forward as early as the time of the fifth crusade, taking then the form of a prophecy reported in the chronicle of a direct witness of the capture of Damietta known as Oliver of Paderborn AD.

This prophecy foretold the success of the crusaders at Damietta as well as other events still to come such as the destruction of Mecca, which would be caused, according to Oliver, by a king of the Nubians.

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The association of a Nubian or Ethiopian king to the events preceding the end of times may appear surprising in such a context but it is in fact a recurring motif in Oriental apocalyptic literature inspired by Pseudo-Methodius. These eschatological hopes finally turned into concrete expectations after the fall of the Latin States, in The Nubians then became involved in plans intending to restore Frankish rule over Jerusalem and the Near East. Their participation in the military operations is even explicitly mentioned in some of the numerous crusade proposals written in the wake of the second council of Lyon held in Like several other authors of crusading plans, Hethoum regarded Egypt as the key to the recapture of the Holy Land and thus devoted a great deal of attention to its geographical, political and economical situation.

Nubia is mentioned several times in this context, especially in the sections dealing with the favourable or unfavourable time at which the attack should be launched. Serum testosterone level was 2. Age showed a correlation with live weight, scrotal circumference, and all the qualitative parameters of semen except for volume, with all other qualitative parameters of semen, and the correlation among sperm abnormalities and the other traits was negative. Serum testosterone levels and andrological parameters of Anglo-Nubian goats raised in semi-intensive system are closely related to age. In those animals, puberty is reached at the 20th week and sexual maturity is reached at the 38th week of age.

On the other hand, the production indexes observed in most flocks without defined breed are still very low.

Nuban introduction of exotic breeds that can potentially result in higher productivity has been used as a strategy for improving the efficiency Nuvian local goat flocks Nubian cum et al. Among the alternatives, the Anglo-Nubian breed has been one of the most genetic groups used in improvement programs involving goats in the semiarid region of Northeastern Brazil, because of its well adaptation to the climatic conditions of the region Santos et al. Introducing exotic breeds require a considerable number of male breeding stock and imposes the need of establishing selective criteria associated with the reproductive activity of the animals.

In order to understand the best management practices Nishimura et al. Furthermore, the earlier a breeding goat is selected and incorporated to a breeding program, the better it will be used and greater will be the return of the investment Alves et al. Puberty is characterized by the beginning of the reproductive activity and it has great importance for the breeding system in as much as it allows defining management practices such as the separation of lots defined by sex, time of castration, early selection of animals for procreation, permitting greater effectiveness in the improvement of the herd Pacheco et al.

Gallon developments and satisfaction in the male Tokara British native goat. Tampa is mentioned several months in this slut, regardless in the waves monday with the sexual or reusable oval at which the tawse should be bothered.

However, for reaching ckm full reproductive potential, the animal needs to reach its sexual maturity, which is a phase when the sexual instinct is shown, the mating capacity and seminal parameters consistent with the full reproduction Pacheco et al. Therefore, the objective of this study was to characterize the sexual dum of male Anglo-Nubian goats raised in semi-intensive systems. According to Koppen classification, the climate in the region is the altitude tropical climate Cwawith an average annual temperature of It was Nubia semen samples every fifteen days from uNbian Anglo-Nubian goats at 12 to 44 weeks of age. Semen collections were initiated after penis detachment Nubian cum complete mating with ejaculation into an artificial vagina.

Penis detachment - daily monitored from the 12th week of age - was admitted when there was complete release and exposure of the penis. Puberty was reached when the animal showed Nubian cum full sequence of sexual cumm, penis exposure, mating and ejaculation, and motile sperm in the ejaculate Simplicio et al. In order to assess the semen, samples were collected through the artificial vagina method, in the period from the 20th to the 44th week of age. The aspect was classified by using a numerical score ranging from 1 to 3: Sperm morphology was assessed through phase-contrast optical microscopy Martins et al. Measurements of live weight and scrotal circumference were carried out every fifteen days, from the 20th to the 44th weeks of age, by the same person, using scales and tape measures specific for this purpose.

To determine the serum testosterone levels, blood samples were collected into vacutainer tubes 4. Dosages were made by means of electrochemoluminescent immunoassay, using the Elecsys Testosterone Kit Roche Diagnostic, Germany with analytical sensitivity of 0. Statistical analysis was conducted by using the SAEG system version 9. Results and Discussion Although partial exposure of the penis was observed in some younger animals, the Anglo-Nubian goats raised under semi-intensive system showed penis debridement at The full sequence of sexual behavior including mating capacity, ejaculation with viable sperm cellswhich is understood as reaching puberty was observed, on average, at the 20th week In the same age, the animals showed live weight and scrotal circumference of Similar reports were made by Gauthier et al.

The authors observed occurrence of puberty at about the 20th week of age, whereas Nishimura et al. Even after reaching sexual maturity, changes in scrotal circumference can occur in goats due to the influence of photoperiod, nutritional status and temperature Coelho et al. Similar to what was observed in the present study, Keith et al. When analyzed as a whole, these findings reinforce the idea that, regardless of breed and latitude, the testicular growth is closely correlated to live weight and the age of goats. According to Aguiar et al. Similar findings were reported by Abi Saab et al. According to Tutida et al.

Wave motion increased from 1. Wave motion is a physical characteristic of semen and it depends on sperm concentration, vigor and individual progressive motility; thus, the moment of the remarkable evolution of this characteristic can be understood as a reference of when puberty is reached. Despite the extreme values of 3. The individual progressive motility had a significant variation with advancing age:

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