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The girls never made it to Costa Naaked, but their business plan survived. He applauded us and said, 'Hey, give these girls a call,'" she says. We're good-looking enough where we can do it and not feel bad about it. This site may contain adult material or pictures. So went to the store and bought a bottle of Captain Morgan and took some crazy pictures," Rue says with a giggle.

Our chicks support maivs, but they alike take us with a common of salt," dudes Rue. We were at a very at Adobe Britain's, and Stephanie came out of the senior and knew talking to us at the bar.

One night, we handed out like 40 fliers for our maid service, and by the time we got home, we had received over a hundred phone calls. Our parents support us, but they generally take us with a grain of salt," says Rue. She started telling me about her whole gig, but she also sounded smart enough to run the business aspect of it really well. If your local laws restrict the viewing of adult content or nudity, or if you are under the age of 18, you must leave now. So he picked it up and put it on the overhead in front of like people. But every customer gets three girls, and we do a really good job. A business management major, Rue took over development for the business, and started applying what she learned in class to the business plan, which is not completed yet.

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We were at a party at Adobe Gila's, and Stephanie came out of the bathroom and started talking to us at the bar. But if you're a gorgeous blond college student, you can make a fistful of cash doing it. The idea for their booming business started out as a joke.

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