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We still did reality checks with our partners and with each other on comfort levels, etc. We had never played together before and wanted to make sure there were no issues on any front. I later realized that the communication around this flowed very naturally and without any real conscious effort. I guess we are starting to get this right. Anyway, back to the session. It was led by a wonderful facilitator named RopeRider who also leads other events in the area. If you ever have a chance to go to something he is running, you should.

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Anyway, he started with stretching and mood music so much so, that I asked him for flemaarket play list. We then went into exercises that helped us get in tune with our partner. This was followed by some basic chest harness tying and then more mindfulness exercises. By the end of the session, which came way too soon, the rope was really there as an extension of our intimacy and a tool to use to expand our play. The mechanics were secondary. After the session, I let Mrs. Duncan know how much fun it was and her interest was piqued. I was intrigued enough that I made a mental note to get a recommendation on a rope vendor from friends and visit them in the vendor area before our next rope session.

Fleamarket Fetish

This session was much lighter in nature and did have a bit more to do with mechanics and safety. It was really all about using rope in a constructive way during sex play. He kept it very light and funny with some great stories mixed in with practice time. Duncan and I enjoyed ourselves and were already envisioning fun ways to put our new toys of ropey goodness yep, I got to the vendor floor to use. It was here where I learned why Midori is a rock star. She started off getting the audience relaxed, went over some safety stuff and did the requisite plugs for her books and upcoming sessions. After that, she told us what she was going to do and then did it. She went through a complete scene from initial conversation, through play and then aftercare.

The scene was real and you could hear a pin drop in this room of people. It was one of the most poetic, tender, jarring, erotic things I had ever seen. Midori then took us through how the pre-scene conversation with her demo bottom led into what she did with the scene and Fetish fleamarket to aftercare. I really have to hand it to both of them, they really stood there raw and naked, while fully clothed, and shared this with us. Oh yea, and there was rope Fetish fleamarket too. The rope, however, was just an extension of Midori and was not always used for tying, but often for caressing and leverage.

She then let us know that the scene ran long and she consciously let it and sacrificed the planed practical exercises. She let us know where to go on YouTube and other sites for the specific ties and how to do them. She only went over a few things not commonly found in other sources. More in the next entry…. Rather than a play party, the BDSM taster is a chance to try out different forms of play involving equipment you may want to invest in. InI found that I thoroughly enjoyed being bullwhipped and caned. This year, I gleefully tried knife-play and learned about making nipple clamps from skewers and rubber bands. The taster is easily my favorite thing about the Fet Flea because it gives me a safe chance to try out play I am interested in before I invest tons of money on equipment.

Saturday, we slept in before checking out the expansive vendor hall. The ceramic dildos offered by Mud With Benefits stood out to me this year. Ceramic sex toys are not unheard of and encompass everything from artisanal pieces by Persian Palm to the mass marketed Ceramix pieces by Pipedream. Ceramic toys are great for temperature play. I messaged the seller on Etsy to ask about this. Some of my favorite vendors from the Flea We continued our perusal in the room vendors, which are hotel rooms where additional vendors set up their wares, which was mostly clothing but also gorgeous leather boots and a giant customizable bedframe.

This year, Doxy was one of these vendors and I really enjoyed talking to Ruby and Em about the differences in vending in the hall versus the rooms. After spending something like four hours checking out all the vendors, I went to the Rough Body Play workshop taught by Roughinamorato.

Formicophillia refers to using bugs for sensation play. As the instructor, Wintersong Tashlintold us, this was not a fleamariet class. Two demo bottoms had earthworms, super worms basically giant mealwormsand maggots places on their nipples, belly buttons, and surrounding genitals. It was a fascinating and very visceral workshop. We watched videos showing crickets and leeches drawing blood from penises, and someone sounding 2inserting an object into their urethra with an earthworm. Even now, I think Formicophillia Fun was a very intense class, so I skipped the next workshop in order to decompress.

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