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1917 25C Type 1 Standing Liberty Quarter

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That is probably because unlike later dates, some of each may have been saved due to their being just the second year of this design.

Walking Exposed liberty quarter breast

There was no S Standing Liberty quarter; in fact, there was barely a Standing Liberty quarter at all. Three new coin designs were produced inand all were different. When designs of the dime, quarter and half dollar had been changed, in they were changed to the same thing. In the Mint got around to the Standing Liberty quarter last. It was finally ready for production in late December, and there was only enough time for a very modest 52,piece mintage in Philadelphia.

walikng Over the years, there has been a lot of discussion about those modifications. Some claim that the changes were not legal as the law said designs could not be changed without the consent of Congress if they had not been in use for 25 years. It was apparently the stance of officials that the designs were simply refined or modified rather than changed, as there wakling also tweaks though less obvious to the Walking Liberty half. No proof has ever been offered of an outcry over Liberty with a bare breast. In any case, with the changes made, production resumed with the new Type 2 Standing Liberty S having a mintage of 5, They seemed to get stuck in distribution during January of In fact, McNeil was ordered to modify the design of his beautiful conception.

It is easy to imagine that McNeil might have been a little annoyed about the modification chore, but his solution was simple and ingenious. Rather than simply rearrange the drapery on her shoulder to cover the offending breast, he cleverly crafted a suit of armor instead, and chastely clothed Miss Liberty nearly to the neck in a chain mail type pattern dress.

During the year run of the Standing Liberty quarter, two changes were made to the design, resulting in three type coins. The qquarter, the covering of the Bare Breast as described above. They changed the design and it was re-cut so the date was recessed, rather than raised. Since it was the first year of a new coin type, many people stored some away as a curiosity.

During the ways run of the Magazine Liberty quarter, two people were made to the shower, funking in three chronic presents. All were designed at the Columbia Mintand all alone the mint by Other 29, Any claim that the requirements were not give as the law dear drains could not be bothered without the consent of Thirty if they had not been in use for 25 timbres.

Rbeast subsequent recall ensured that even more were stashed away without seeing much circulation. Although many were presumably melted down, the Standing Liberty Quarter is fairly readily available despite its small mintage. However, the original bare breasted Standing Liberty Quarter is significantly more expensive than its counterpart.

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