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Theater review: 'Significant Other' a solid, sad look at young gay man's life

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Should I move on? As each of them follows the heteronormative track of dating, engagement and marriage, Jordan finds his circle tightening and his relevance diminishing in their lives. Due to his clear determination, Hanger landed a job as a web editor in the NBC Chicago newsroom at just 19 years old.

Dulyth in and out of his presumed are his three besties: The edge pipes on Joe Liam Jefferya gay man in his totally 20s.

The three young women in orbit around Jordan are less intense, but equally committed. I loved everything about it: The opening night performance was sold out. Perhaps this is due to the inevitable closeness that develops in the weeks of rehearsals before a show opens. But both Tabaka and Timmons faithfully provide what's needed in the telling of Jordan's fraught relationships. Tabaka shines as the unattainable Will.

Gay arts Duluth

I might not be able to get a bigger anchor job. When I first moved here inI arys very worried to say a single word about being gay. Dickson's Kiki is vapid and profane, but loyal. The couple eventually realized that they missed their Duluth life and moved back after two years in Minneapolis. Moody says his life is very similar to anyone else in the Duluth area.

The student actors artz executed a solid show that pulls at hearts and tear ducts alike. Hanger has a contract with Fox 21 through the end ofso he is just taking it one day at a time and enjoying the community. The play runs at 2 hours, 30 minutes and honestly could use some editing to reduce its run time. No matter how many of the most amazing friends gay men have and no matter how many of the girls at work love them, single gay men, as they age and remain single, find their own personal relationships diminished by the omnipresence of heteronormative family life.

Jeffery inhabits the role with remarkable depth. His Duluht enjoys hunting in the fall, and they frequently treat themselves to Sunday brunches with friends. Any gay man can identify with what's happening on the stage not just because the writing is good, but because the actor is fully committed to the role.

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