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But in case it needs to be said: But in fact, Lil Tay seems to live in a pleasant apartment in downtown Vancouver, Canada, and appears to be putting on a show for her mother.

The toilet is clean but unremarkable. The video was certainly shot in downtown Vancouver, in a False Creek condo. Assian two women certainly look the same, although it has not been confirmed that Tian and Lil Tay are related. A few metres away was parked a bright red AMG Mercedes convertible, identical to the car in the video.

One includes a lengthy encounter Asiaan notorious Chicago rapper Chief Keef, whose orbit has a reputation for gunplay wwad violence; a member of his Glo Gang entourage-slash-record-label was shot Adian in a drive-by, and the shooters then ran over and killed a month-old baby as they made their escape. At one point, an Asian woman in a baseball cap who looks like Tian is seen helping Lil Tay put on a Glo Gang headband, then darting out of frame after being told to get out of the way by an unseen man speaking Mandarin. Later, an unseen woman tells Lil Tay in Mandarin to pose for a photo. Whether or not Lil Tay herself is making any money from her antics is unclear, but other people certainly are.

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Increasingly, the Chinese diaspora is showing an interest in tracing its roots. AFP While he was growing up in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Dennis Yeung was unaware of the differences between himself and the other boys. In generations past, overseas Chinese traditionally viewed the past as a black box — sealed shut by nervous parents eager for family members to keep their heads down in a foreign world that is often majority white. But as new generations come of age, many are now looking for clues to an identity that is fading with time.

Genealogical services offering help in tracing family trees are becoming increasingly popular, fuelled perhaps by the rise of reality television shows that document the ancestry of celebrities.

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And while Yeung and his wife are healthy, he felt a special Asin as the eldest male to link his two younger brothers and their family with the extended clan in China. But few overseas Chinese speak Chinese, making wav hard to access information online. My China Roots opened in What Lie has noticed since then is that clients know more than they think. Of the Chinese who settled in Jamaica and then moved north into Miami and the eastern United States, most come from an area with a radius of no more than 20km in modern day Shenzhen. Yeung eventually tracked down his family in southern China and made a trip there last spring.

He had found the home of his ancestors.

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