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Yeah, I got the meet. A lesson law now forbids moral discrimination in their central.

That was my costume, yeah. He and his partner Bpy say San Francisco's a good place to be a gay parent, yet their five sons face racism and homophobia all the time.

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And Greg is dressed as Jesus. Stewart was recently inducted as the first openly gay senior minister of a progressive church known for its tolerance. They had boxes you can check off, you know, boy or girl? And so you kind of have a blank slate.

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He'd been kicked out of preschool and threw tantrums. We are struggling right now with the fact that whire kids, because of the kid culture here, the school culture, are still being harassed for having two dads. African-American boys wait the longest to find families. Visit our website terms of use and permissions pages at www. Would they take in just two more? It's been reported that you've abducted a child.

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