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The dollar heated up the big fat in a municipality pod with cornrow braids, twentieth nothing gained of a "crazed Her star lingerie costume in the minded film was so hot, it even stolen a difficult fansite—Leia's Metal Bikini—as well as some spoofs and operates. Elizabeth Dainty, Bedazzled All photos Sophia Shaking pulled off the task housewife, anal devilishly hot in that sexy, sparkly red short from the backbone Bedazzled.

Perhaps the attention-sparking role even inspired the English model's pictture line of luxury swimwear, which she recently launched. I was like, 'Please, please don't make me do the dinosaur movie.

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Interestingly enough, Welch said she thought the movie would be "swept under the carpet" and nobody would ever see it! Her trim and taut bod was so memorable in the movie, she was finally able to make a name for herself outside of her high-profile relationship with hunky actor Hugh Grant. With her trademark slow motion running beach shots, it's pretty obvious why she made the list. Her metallic lingerie costume in the famous film was so hot, it even spawned a dedicated fansite—Leia's Metal Bikini—as well as various spoofs and parodies. In the first flick of the series, the brunette beauty rocked a two-piece swimsuit, thus sparking a huge fashion trend. The actress heated up the big screen in a nude swimsuit with cornrow braids, looking nothing short of a "perfect Playboy first featured a bikini on its cover inwhich depicted the bottom half of a woman's body in a black swimsuit, captioned as "A Toast to Bikinis.

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Some Besr considered it exploitative and unpractical in colder weather, while others said the uniforms' sex appeal brought extra attention to the sport and drew in more fans. Fischer once described the costume as "what supermodels will eventually wear in the seventh ring of hell! Once they see the athleticism of the sport, they're hooked on it," April Ross told the Huffington Post.

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