Vaginal electrical stimulation

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Two review authors independently screened search results, extracted data from eligible trials and assessed risk of biasusing the Cochrane 'Risk of bias ' tool.

Electrical stimulation Vaginal

eletrical The effectiveness of ES of the pelvic floor in urinary incontinent elderly women is low. Adding electrical stimulation to pelvic floor stimulationn training may not make much difference to cure or improvement of SUI. We would have included economic xtimulation had they been conducted alongside eligible trials. Female sexual dysfunction FSD is a common problem that may be encountered in the interruption of electricaal sexual functioning in the sexual response cycle. Non-invasive electrical stimulation for stress urinary incontinence in women Review question We investigated whether electrical stimulation was better than no treatment at all or better than other available treatments for curing or improving stress urinary incontinence SUI symptoms in women.

The effectiveness of treatment does not compensate for the long-lasting and intense treatment protocol. Treating elderly women with vaginal ES of the pelvic floor has a high physical and emotional cost for the individual. While we found evidence indicating that electrical stimulation may be better than no treatment, we did not find enough well-designed trials with enough women to fully answer our review questions, so we do not yet know if ES is better or worse than other treatments.

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Study characteristics We found 56 dtimulation involving a total of women, all with stress urinary incontinence but some eleftrical urgency urinary incontinence as well comparing electrical stimulation to no treatment or to any other available treatment. Several treatment options are available for stress urinary incontinence SUIincluding pelvic floor muscle training PFMTdrug therapy and surgery. But there was no significant increase in satisfaction scores in the placebo group. We did not identify any economic evaluations.

We would have performed economic evaluations using the approach recommended by Cochrane Economic Methods. We found that few women reported adverse electrrical with electrical stimulation, but there was not enough reliable evidence comparing electrical stimulation to other treatments to know more about its safety. Primary outcome measure was the improvement in FSFI score. It is uncertain whether it offers any improvement in quality of life compared with pelvic floor muscle training.

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