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The next day, after Dark had HHouse out of the united tank he had never been placed in he'd made a. Cameron's Necessary Exam -:.

Eroitc stood up, and began walking away. Wilson's eyes widened a little. You didn't take that advice seriously, did you? Honestly, James, I thought you knew me better than that by now! Wilson knew there was going to be trouble cahse soon. House was searching for his team, all of which he found standing outside of exam room seventeen. Foreman, Taub, and Masters were all standing in the hollow entrance, but House was unable to make out their expressions with nothing more than House wilson erotic fiction chase view of their backs. He knew, however, that something had definitely caught their attention, and House needed to have his curiosity quenched.

He strutted his way up to the trio, and pushed Taub aside so House wilson erotic fiction chase could get a better view wilsom whatever it was that had seized everyone's attention. The expression which then graced House's facial features really wasn't one that could be accurately described by words. You think I look good today? You're looking pretty bloody hot yourself eroitc, Leelee. Chase was in the exam room, surely enough. However, the problem wasn't really so much the fact that he was talking to himself so much erotc it was that he was talking to a human skeletal structure.

It was fake, but still Chase eroyic talking to a plastic skeleton nonetheless. Chase ran his fingertips down the side of the skull's He needed to notify psyche, he figured. Foreman just wanted to bail, and Huse merely thought Chase was one sad case. House entered the exam room, interrupting Chase's attempts at seducing said skeleton as he stated, "That certainly is one fine bag of bones. Chxse, perhaps she actually was being serious. Not in the fictipn sense, but I'm sure everyone here is at least smart enough to catch what I meant by that. When the others were gone, House looked at the younger doctor, and said, "I never said you were doing anything wrong.

In fact, I'm highly impressed with you right now, and thought you might be able to give me a few 'tips'. We've never spent enough time together, and while I have a duty to Wilson to provide him with nightcaps and comforting talk due to his situation with ex-wife number one, I have realized that you and I have not spent nearly enough time together in the buddy sense. Still, rather that had happened or not, I wouldn't go anywhere with you, because you're evil and manipulative, and I don't want to end up tied up in the trunk of someone's car in the middle of nowhere. No, but my point is that I am not hanging out with you.

Not for now, at least. I've got a busy schedule, after all. Just to let you know, though, this skeleton is actually a man. I mean, not me, of course, because I'm taken, but by watching you in action, I thought I could get some tips on how to be a better man to my lovely Cuddy. I really mean it. Chase was a smart guy. He'd solved a lot of cases, borrowed a car, gotten away with murder, screwed the bored, socked House in the face, and won a huge wad of cash during House's interviews for new doctors with that clever little bet scam of his. So of course, he knew how to respond to House's inquiry I'll just show up as someone else.

He did know how to tweet, after all. Since When is Insanity Sane? At this point in time, Wilson was now seated in Lisa Cuddy's office. But I know House, just like you know House. It might not end there. Chase will go to the bar. House will drink coffee while Chase drinks everclear, and then, next thing Chase knows, he'll be in a strip club, dancing on the stage with no pants on, before he finds himself in the Chinese restaurant next door trying to order a pizza before he is then arrested for public intoxication Are you speaking from personal experience? I may not be a licensed P. So now that your relationship with Sam is strained and House doesn't seem to have time for you at the same time, you don't like the idea that he is making time for Chase, and this gives you an excuse to have an excuse to ruin House's night for a change.

I just don't want Chase to wake up in the trunk of a car stranded in the middle of nowhere, or in the drunk tank. Like I said, I've had experience in these matters. House wants to screw with Chase's happiness because Chase's happiness is the only happiness he knows to screw with right now, so he thinks that if he can give Chase a night of hell, that Chase will, well She couldn't argue with Wilson's previous statement. Chase is a valued doctor here, but I don't care if he makes an idiot of himself with a bunch of young girls. If House does, however, he is a dead man with an even deader career and a deader sex life than that. Don't worry, I've got this. Chase Scores, House Fouls. Later that day, in the evening to be more precise, House was waiting for Chase at the bar he usually went to with Wilson on occasion.

Chase House fiction wilson erotic

The team had eventually found a case earlier Housd the day, though it hadn't been all that mind-boggling. Still, Chase's mind had been elsewhere during ficiton duration of said case. Wiilson had nearly had to beat Chase off with a stick, and when Chase was supposed to be chsse the lab testing blood for anemic properties, he had instead been in the cafeteria entertaining a group of people at a table. Chase had been the only male in the group of people at fictlon table. Later, when everyone had been looking at brain erootic, Chase had been mysteriously absent again, but had eventually turned up Well, his fictiln at least, but House supposed a quickie in the storage closet was never good for one's clothes.

Then, when Chase had been in the locker room, Foreman had gotten a lovely view of the There were no longer pictures of Cameron within its confines, but now, posters and magazine clippings. Posters and magazine clippings of lesbians and female bondage masters, and even one of those dubbers who did voiceovers for hentai anime. Not that House knew that much about that last one And now, Chase was late getting to the bar. What if Cuddy weren't there? October 12, Updated: October 12, Chase recalls his very first time with Cameron. August 13, June 24, Updated: June 21, House wakes up from his coma to find Cuddy holding his hand.

Will the two finally see the future they could have together? Female Wet Dream, Content Tags: June 17, Updated: June 17, 4: House has had a long, bad day and needs a little more pain management than his Vicodin and Cameron steps in. April 24, Updated: May 10, As Wilson convinces House to move in with him, one could only wonder what else will change. March 1, Updated: March 1, 9: I guess you could call it that. Or an attraction, or a crush, or whatever you like. All I know, is that if he ever I took him up on it. And I stupidly thought it would mean something.

Just because House is good, and All I got from this was a wilso of sex and a splitting headache. House's fixtion were thin, chapped, rough. Wilson's lips were chasse different, soft smooth, they begged to be possessed. Chase softened the kiss, pressed closer, and swiped his tongue along Wilson's lip, who sighed, shivered and let his eyes slide closed, parting his lips. Chase groaned, and pulled back, grinning triumphantly. Wilson forced his eyes open, still reeling from the kiss. There was a long silence, then Wilson pulled Chase down by his tie to kiss him, plunging deeply into his mouth, Chase gasped, and pulled back, smiling.

Chase looked at him, surprised. Chase pulled back and laughed, before closing the door. Wilson moaned as Chase took control of the kiss, vaguelly realising that this was what had been missing in all his marriages. The dominance of another man's lips on his own, tasting, taking. It seemed House had been right all along.

His wives weren't enough for him. He wasn't enough for them. Chase groaned as he felt Wilson cahse to him completely, and he pressed closer, quickly stripping the oncologist of his tie and shirt, running his hands down his chest, tweaking his nipples. Wilson was panting, leaning heavily against the door. Chase noticed, and moved back, before dropping to his knees, fumbling with Wilson's belt, who stared down at him in amazement.

Backwards, out of the adjacent, none other than Dr. Fictjon a complexion young woman seeking to healing pisces lady. If he can't please his job and have sex, either his job, or the sex, has to go.

Hosue a man knows what to do properly. Wilson's hands scrabbled agianst the door, finding no purchase, before settling lightly on Chase's head, who pulled back for a moment to say, "I'm strong. You can pull my hair," he grinned, "I'll even enjoy it. Wilson had to admit Chase was right, this was much better than when any of his wives tried this. He was so, so close to coming Wilson stared at him stupidly, until Chase grinned. Chase laughed and pulled him by the hand.

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