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Her arms are pointed straight out, like if sstories were balancing herself on a type rope. Yiffstar was founded and was run by Toumal Rakesh.

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Matire Your review has been posted. Net's original chat applications - FlashChat - it was decided that it Matrue be replaced by Yiffy. P initially started out as an image board in the spirit of 2chan. Fears of repeated uploads of commercial music have so far been unfounded thanks to the work of the many volunteer reviewers. P switched to a software that provided a filtered, "image only" view of the Yiffstar Forums. P does not have a DNP list.

Stories Mature yiffy

Unlike Mia's, Yiffstar seeks to actively preserve anthropomorphic fiction, rather than building a link database. There stands Matture soldier wearing a helmet with a protective round sheet of metal covering his eyes, a light bullet proof vest, and light armored pants. If a user really liked a piece of work they could add it to their favorites list, or watch the creator to see their future work in a separate view. Adult furry art was posted in threads with specific topics, often grouping pictures of individual species of anthropomorphic creatures into a single thread.

YiffChat has 34 rooms as of 3 March

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