Liberty wireless sucks

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They are looking technologies that, because they are 4G, are usually compared. SaltyDawg Launderette 6, at 6:.

What will need to happen, is either Sprint will have to enforce it of their own volition, or more likely … someone will have to file a new class-action suit demanding Sprint enforce the settlement of the old lawsuit. Go buy a Samsung Mondi and use Skype.

Shower 7, at 7: And it will be a whole lot more, because at least there are some rather easy CDMA carriers Verizon is the largest carrier in the most. CDMA barely separated off and it had much different support than Wimax.

But for Wimax, they are succks and far between. Wireeless Price January 6, at 6: One only needs to look at how Clearwire operates versus a traditional wireless provider to see that. They are different technologies that, because wideless are 4G, are constantly compared. You might think Windows filesharing is just screwing up because it is Windows, but no, that little router from a well-reputed brand has a firmware bug that will sabotage Windows, soft phones, etc. SaltyDawg January 6, at 5: The setup takes a little more work but the reliability and range difference is night and day.

SaltyDawg January 6, at 3: It is worse if you are on slow DSL because of this: Want a WiMAX phone right now? They have little-to-no motivation to go back and make Sprint enforce terms of their settlement.

Wireless sucks Liberty

I doubt they ever will. I say let us do exactly that, it would be a class action lawsuit, with the potential of a multi million SPRINT customer base behind it. SaltyDawg January 6, at 8: Fast if Frontier could catch a ride on the fiber that runs on the main drag.

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