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Genital Psoriasis

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Sexual arousal causes the vagina to produce additional fluids.

If you cannot sskin aroused, your body will not produce vaginal fluids, leaving you more at risk for vaginal damage. Other causes of vaginal cuts. According to Huang, some sexual positions tend to cause more vaginal tears and abrasions than others, Splt use of sex toys can vagna be a factor. Sex toys are sometimes made of materials that are irritating to the skin, or they might have sharp or rough edges. Odour It is normal for your vulva to have a smell that may vary at different times in your menstrual cycle. There are a number of different fluids and secretions associated with the vulva, including urine, sweat, menstrual blood, skin oils and vaginal and gland secretions all of which can affect the smell.

If the odour is unpleasant, yeasty or fishy smelling this may be a sign of an infection.

Other causes of odour vaginaa be a sexually transmissible infection Skuna vagiba left in the vaginal canal too long or the presence of urine or faeces. After menopause, odour may change as the normal bacteria also changes. The odour will be different compared to when still having periods. If you have a vaginal cut vavina tear that results from nnear, your midwife or doctor should give you detailed instructions for how to care for the area. Delaying care may result in long-term complications. During the healing process, you may find it helpful to: Rinse the area with sterilized water. Use a small bottle with a narrow plastic tip sometimes called a peri bottle to do this.

Your doctor may advise you to rinse after every time you use the bathroom or after every cleaning. The warts can vary in size, shape and colour, and are usually painless. Treatment includes removing the warts by freezing, burning or using topical chemicals. Since the introduction of the HPV immunisation program, the incidence has reduced significantly. Chronic pain of the vulva Conditions include: It is not an inflammation or infection vestibular pain is now called vestibulodynia. It may be provoked by sexual intercourse, insertion of tampons, or wearing tight clothing. Other pain syndromes may be involved, such as fibromyalgia, irritable or painful bladder syndrome, and pelvic floor overactivity very tight pelvic floor muscles.

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There are a number of other conditions that may play a role, including neurological conditions and psychosocial factors. The cause is unknown. Use corticosteroids carefully and as directed by your doctor. Prolonged use of topical corticosteroids can permanently thin the skin and cause stretch marks. Over-the-counter moisturizers can be used to keep the skin moisturized or reduce itch. Be cautious, as ingredients in some lotions or creams may be irritating to the genital area's sensitive skin. Look for products without fragrance and perfumes. Phototherapy Ultraviolet-b UVB light can be used to treat some locations of genital psoriasis. The doses tend to be lower than those used to treat psoriasis on other areas of the body due to concern about sunburn.

Getting a diagnosis for vulva skin conditions Vulvar skin conditions are highly treatable, but the treatment depends on the specific cause. And identifying the underlying diagnosis can be very challenging. Tell your clinician about any other past or present medical conditions including bladder and bowel issues and any skin problems elsewhere on your body.

Near vagina skin Split

For example, psoriasis anywhere on the body raises the risk of a vulvar condition known as lichen sclerosus. This condition and others are described, below, in "Vulvar conditions vwgina their treatment. A mouth condition called lichen planus is another cause of vulvovaginal problems. The term "lichen," as applied to skin disorders, refers fancifully to skin lesions that resemble lichen on rocks. Long-term treatment with oral steroids, immune suppressants, or antibiotics can affect vulvar skin and raise the risk infection.

Your clinician will want to know how you care for your vulvar skin, which can help identify possible sources of irritation.

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