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Sesame Street Live "Elmo's Green Thumb"

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Sesame Street Live Tickets: Super Grover has lost his super-ness and Sesame Street needs a hero. Sesame Street Live aims to provide laughter and learning to children.

My own opinions were used based on my perceptions and experience. All about nature, this show will entertain you with dancing ladybugs and even grouchy beetles with a new, fresh, original Sesame Street Live on a whole new scale! Enjoy a full 90 minute show filled to the brim with singing, dancing, and audience participation! It is the perfect show for even the youngest kids, my daughter was only 1 when she went for the first time.

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When commenting, please include your email address not visible to public. My family has gone for the past 3 years and really enjoy Sesame Street Live! Lately the production offers special entertainment for the children - Play Zone at Sesame Street Live. The music, lights, and excitement kept her happy then and dancing at her seat last year!

Thumb Elmos tickets green

They all sing, dance and have fun through easy lessons on healthy habits. This was not a paid post. The performance is produced by VEE Corporation - an entertainment company with headquarters based in Minneapolis, Minnesota. I highly recommend this show for kids as young as her and up.

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