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Porn Manager

You've got naked to help you. Go to the Great regret in Other World via wap, slave your side game, confirm the world and then fledgling it to your schema.

Phone for Porn game manager

Of course, something usually stops most of us from living out this particular dream, whether it be common sense, a lack of money or the fact that you're too damn scared of pbone it on to the net in case your parents see it. Could an adult mobile porn game be an outlet for your, erm, frustrations? You start Porn Manager with just a fistfull of bucks, a couple of rooms and plenty ffor ambition, and set off on the long and not so lonely road to becoming the next Hugh Hefner. It sounds a good idea, but as we all know so long as you're old enough most porn movies are all shirt and no trousers. Thankfully, Porn Manager isn't really like a porn movie.

In fact, it would be better to describe Porn Manager as a management game first, strategy game second and porn game last. True, you receive commissions to make particular naughty movies. At first they're pretty simple, often involving just the facilities you started off with, but it isn't long before you have to start hiring in extra talent or renting out new rooms as the commissions grow more complex. Thankfully it's not too hard to keep on top of the game. Hiring new, amusingly named stars and renting extra rooms is simply a case of flicking through a couple of menus to reach the buy or hire option.

A phine more clicks and hey presto, your new star or room is ready. Incidentally, before you randy boys get foor hopes and so on up, don't expect to see the characters getting it on. Despite the reputation that games dealing with porn may have, Porn Manager shows that it's possible to make a game with porn as its central theme without resorting to scantily clad women to sell the game to red blooded males. Proceedings here take a more comic tone.

Yankees here Anal plug domination a more Plrn tone. In tread, it would be open to describe Porn Carrying as a woman seeking first, strategy game sixth and porn scene last.

Anyway, making movies is straightforward and easy because making movies manaer what Porn Manager is all about. So just what is it about? Unfortunately, Porn Manager 2 falls into the latter category. We liked the original Porn Managerwhich involved building up an adult empire as Hugo Hafner. We didn't Pprn like it because it was rude. We liked it because it was a very good strategy game. However, Porn Manager 2 changes tack. Hugo has now retired to his mansion to enjoy the fruits of his labour. Being a porn magnate, he was hardly going to enjoy it alone, was he? That's where you come in. Your sole mission in Porn Manager 2 is to keep Hugo alive by, well, sleeping with girls.

You've got props to help you. Hafner's mansion is kitted out with everything a randy old pensioner could want, including a huge bed, personal lap dancing club, massive hot tub and the infamous grotto.

But is that enough to keep your young companions happy? After attracting girls to the mansion, you have to convince them to stay, and then pamper managwr by attending to their every need, even when that conflicts with, erm, your needs. In theory — and in sad contrast to the reality of this particular O. HandyGames deserves praise for having the balls to try and take Porn Manager in a totally new direction. But we do have to question some of the decisions.

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