Pre teen birthday party themes

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10 Great Birthday Party Ideas for Tweens and Teens!

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Escape Rooms are so popular with tweens and teens these days- but they can be rather expensive outings for parties. Fortunately, you can have an escape room birthday party at home- and you can see how we did it in this post which includes free printable invitations, thank you notes, and game recommendations! Contestants are given challenges involving common household items to complete in 60 seconds to win ever-increasing prize money. But the best part, the challenges are fun, and can easily be replicated at home! Backyard Camping Party Kids love camping, and getting to sleep in a tent with their friends is fun- even if it is only in your own backyard!

This Backyard Camping Party post gives you the details on the order of events for your party as well as ideas for party favors! This Amazing Race Party can be done right in your backyard, using traditional party games that fit into the theme. Perfect to add a bit of mystery to the night. Mermaid and Pirate Theme The girls dress as mermaids and the guys come as pirates. Lots of fun to be had with this party. Watch the pirates of the Caribbean again to get some sea worthy inspiration.

Birthday party teen themes Pre

Invite all your friends tfen dress up in their glitz and glam and throw an awesome Las Vegas teenage theme party! Pass out chips when birrhday arrive and let them birthsay some cool casino tbemes. Give prizes away at the end of the night to the people that won the most play money. Have plenty of Mardi Gras beads and maybe add a fun truth or dare game to let some wildness out. Dress loud and proud and themez ready to celebrate!! Bollywood Party India's equivalent of Hollywood. Crazy fun in an unusual sort of way, your guests will be talking about it for months.

Somewhere In Time Theme Instead of choosing just one time period why not let your guests choose their favorite time period. Hawaiian Luau Bring on the tiki torches, grass skirts, leis, and limbo! We have the perfect teenage party activities and games for a luah. Groovy 60's Theme Have a groovy time by having everyone dress as hippies and flower children. Big hair, bright colors, punk rockers, leggings and bangle bracelets. Loads of Fun and dancing! Roaring 20's Celebration Go back in time with flapper girls and perfectly groomed mustaches. Hot trot the night away with this funky teenage theme.

Decorate with giant oversized candy props easy to make on your own and have a complete sugar fest. Game Night Theme Great idea for slumber parties. Have tons of teenage board games and party games. Play, eat candy, laugh and have tons of fun. Camp Out Theme Get all your friends together and go camping for the night.

Dance around the fire, roast marshmallows, play some fun camping games, and just hang out under the stars. Fear Factor Party See how far your friends will birhday with gross out challenges and funny games and challenges. Sumo Party Rent some sumo wrestling inflatable costumes and arena if available in your area. You and your friends will have a blast wrestling sumo style. Love the rush of being scared out of your wits? Try this one on for size! And what is more chic than making it a fashion brand theme?! Your fashionista and her friends can party in style! If your child is a Harry Potter fan, this theme is a no-brainer.

Have the kids come dressed up in their Harry Potter costumes for some bifthday photo ops. Another fun gender neutral theme, this theme is perfect for any science-loving teen or tween in your family! Get creative with this teen party theme with a cop fire cake, wooden serving platters, and a fun scavenger hunt for the kids!

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