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Consequently, Buchanan was required to scoty facts and characteristics he knew at the time he answered. Recently the San Antonio court of appeals considered whether there was an adequate remedy at law when a trial court erroneously granted, rather than denied, a motion for leave to designate a responsible third party. Real parties in interest have responded, arguing that the trial court correctly interpreted section In evaluating benefits and detriments, we consider whether mandamus will preserve important substantive and procedural rights from impairment or loss. Our holding recognizes and enforces these differing procedures. Teens Love Huge Cooks Models: We review issues of statutory construction de novo.

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Ashley Scott 1 year ago In either event, more than 60 days had elapsed since the filing of his answer. We apply the plain meaning of the text as expressing legislative intent unless a different meaning is supplied by legislative definition or is apparent from the context, or the plain meaning leads to absurd results. Accordingly, the court denied the petition for writ of mandamus.

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