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Add a membership for one or two. We are u you back home alone-Aloha,Shalom and all the hint Report response as inappropriateThank you.

Open to membership for all visits days per year. For the discreet individual, privacy protected. We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone.

Deseft it is the ultimate in romance or a retreat in thought, activity and recharging, the Sea Mountain has all the relaxed vibe — with out the distractions. The most private VIP experiences for fun and sun. The Sea Mountain is the Best place to even spend a day inside the resort Remember, your celebrity retreat includes: Add a massage for one or two! The VIP spot to party all night too! Special events each night! A 24 hour Lifestyle Lounge facing the pools Many people come from around the world to experience year round tanning and wonderful spring-like weather on most days. Limo service available 24 hours — Private plane and Rolls Royce available for those seeking the ultimate of travel, contact concierge services For the discreet individual, privacy protected.

A NON body shaming environment with a female-centric staff and no single males on the property.

Clean air, lp skies, mayor-clear gloss nights, nearly doubling-round radiation all crash to worldwide stress-free, resort-style rental, pharmacies of world-class graduates, casinos and intraday areas are moments ago. Here is our Instragram discriminate:.

Whether it is the ultimate in romance or Dance or lifestyles or a retreat in thought, activity and recharging, the Sea Mountain has all the relaxed vibe without the distractions. We've designed our place to give "first timers" the best clothes free experience possible. At Living Waters Clothing-optional Spa we provide you the coolest vacation souvenir of all: We are a true "spa" and so massage is also what we are about. You'll not have a better massage - that is our goal. Living Waters Spa was created to provide people with a true massage experience that transcends that of typical storefront or mall massage facilities.

You can rest assured that you are in a safe environment. If you've never had a massage or only one that "hurt" you, come and experience a real massage. We also have massage workshops to help couples deepen their relationship. So, enjoy "more than a vacation" with us! Sit in the sun or shade around the pools and enjoy it all without clothes. Here in the desert we are experiencing wonderful weather, bright and sunny, and no coastal overcast.

Spa Desert nude

Because of our location in Desert Hot Springs, you wpa at least one hour more of sunbathing per day compared to resorts in Palm Springs! San Jacinto casts an afternoon shadow on Palm Springs Desert Hot Springs is sspa great town that has wonderful restaurants to enjoy and it is also just an easy 11 mile drive to downtown Palm Springs. This area is noted for its underground hot natural mineral water which is world famous for its curative properties. We have two hot water mineral pools, one under a covered awning and another open to the sun kissed sky. All of our rooms surround the pools and our facility offers an amazing view of Mt.

San Jacinto and Palm Springs across the valley.

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