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Rebecca returned his smile. Well, that still applies right now. Rebecca and her family remained in New Jersey, and the three thousand miles between them prevented Jeff and Rebecca from even an occasional fling. From his parent's home, a few miles away, Jeff phoned Rebecca and asked if he could take her out to dinner.

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He fnatasia his pelvis tight fantaeia Rebecca's shapely ass, then moved his hips in a small circle. Jeff smiled up at Rebecca as he felt her wetness on his chest. Now, her young, gentile lover had his head between her legs, and he was sporting a wonderful hard-on. She looked down at Jeff, who was breathing hard and in pure bliss. When Rebecca's panties fell around her ankles, she stepped out of them.

rantasia As Rebecca's mouth continued to move up and down on Jeff's rod, Jeff felt himself starting to lose control. Rebecca could feel the stiff dick move inside of her. Jeff smiled and sat on the edge of the bed. The fact that the woman licking his dick had gray hair and glasses wasn't a turn-off to Jeff.

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Jeff slid his hand down between Rebecca's legs, through her soft, curly pubes, and over her slit. She felt it throb inside of her just as it started to slide back out. She returned his smile as she stroked and fondled his hard-on. His pelvis slapped against Rebecca's ass.

At the same time, he continued to slide his hard-on in Matuer out of her wet pussy. After Jeff complimented Rebecca's hair style, she casually informed Jeff that she didn't dye it because she was allergic to hair dye. After Rebecca and Jeff entered her bedroom, Jeff wrapped his arms around Rebecca and pressed his lips to hers. I broke three taboos at once. Jeff laid on his back on the bed.

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