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She obsessed my luck and held my sexy. We fell asleep firmly after and she did not what she worked she would.

I siister looking up at Storirs face and the expression on it when she siter. We were home alone for the evening. We both had taken baths and were just settling down for the evening. Then it started, never mind the bag of chips she was out for blood and we were rolling around on the floor. But as soon as it began the mood shifted. Once again I found myself under her chubby body. This time she had on a mid-thigh nightie and I could see her thick thighs surrounding my slster when she began the rocking motion. I decided to go for broke, what the hell did I have to lose. I pushed Storiws ass up to meet hers as my dick swiftly rose to the occasion.

Then my hands wandered upwards and with no objection raised her nightie over her head. There in front of me was Storiea pair of tits. Not quite what I expected, they were actually smallish but had these red rose bud nipples that were puffy, sticking out from the tit itself. My hands roamed over them while she kept her eyes shut. She tasted great too!! I lapped up her juices while she came all over my face, holding my head firmly against her gushing cunt. She then said one of the hottest things I've ever heard a girl say in bed. She said "I've always thought you were so fucking hot, and I want that beautiful dick to belong to me.

I'm gonna make your cock smell like my fat pussy" I love fucking fat girls bareback because I always want my cock to smell like fat pussy. So I had no objections whatsoever. I pounded that fat sluts pussy for a good long time. Her fat thighs smacked with every thrust of my cock into her. Her rolls and tits would jiggle as I pounded her fat pussy. I loved watching her belly and tits jiggle as I fucked her. I told her that I don't care if she is on the pill or not, I'm gonna shoot my big hot load inside of her. It was Mom that opened my door but it was Dad that pushed her inside. They were both drunk and Mom fell on the floor giggling constantly. I cautiously opened my eyes to see what they were doing.

Luckily the hall light was right outside my bedroom door so I had a pretty good view. I quickly closed my eyelids to slits so I looked asleep to them. Dad grabbed her legs, held them open, and shoved his cock into her pussy. You want him to fuck you as much as I want to fuck Bridgett. Mom started crying out as her orgasm hit. Dad started calling her his slut wife, his exhibitionist, and his sex slave. I am your sex slave. Tell me what you want me to do. I want him to wake up with you lying naked next to him. And…if he wants to fuck you…you will let him. Mom crawled in under the covers with me.

Her hand reached my stiff cock. Did you see everything? Did you hear what your father said? I rolled over and slipped my cock into the same hole that I had came out of, into the same hole that Dad had just fucked, into the same sperm that had created me. I could feel her tight ass wrapping around my dick and slowly bounce up and down. She kept pushing back on it. I could feel myself harden to the point where it could be considered a semi.

She just kept going, and after a few minutes I noticed her shaking and fuckng another orgasm. Again she squirted cum, this time soaking my balls. She reached down and rubbed the juice into my sack. Don't you want to give me another load?

Well I've substantial things. The checked time was better than the first devoted and I reduced longer.

Squirt and I promise to suck it clean. Fuck my ass, little bro, fuck it. I bet the young fuckign you're used to fucking don't let you do fuckin do they? You can fuck it anytime you want, you just say let's do it and I'll spread sisfer open for you. You can fuck my ass anywhere and anytime you want. How does it look back there? You getting that dick covered in my ass juices? Is it covered in dirty shit? She pumped her corn hole all over my dick and just as I was about to explode she knew it and jumped off it and shoved it back in her pussy. The sperm from little brother is exactly what I need. Cum shot out in streams into her. I could feel her twitch as she moaned all over it.

Exhaustion had taken its toll on me though and I collapsed my lids shut themselves and I started to drift off. That didn't stop her though.

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After a minute of leaving my cock inside her she jumped off and went fuckinf on me. I have to tell my girlfriends about this and maybe Storiies can add some more flavors into this. She kept sucking as I passed out. Throughout the night I woke up several times to find her still fucking me and taking my cum into her pussy. The next day I didn't wake up until 1 in the afternoon. I didn't know how to look her in the eye and thought it best just to avoid her for awhile. But she wouldn't have any of that, she snuck into the shower and helped me clean up by sucking my cock perfectly clean.

Afterwards she explained to me that she was secretly a wiccan and that they believe that by taking a man's seed into their pussies they grow more powerful. I heard her gasp, and she turned her head, but she made no effort to stop me. I licked a finger, and then plunged it into her asshole. Ohmygod my pussy's soaked! I pulled her panties all the way off, and then slid my own pants down. She got a little scared when she saw my cock. Now beg for it.

Ram your cock up there and bang me like a cheap whore, I need it in my ass, now! But first" I held my cock in front of her lips. After a minute, I told her to stop. I held my cock outside her ass, and said "beg for it again. Make me your slut, you can fuck my ass whenever. I'll sit on your lap for hours at a time, I want your dick up my ass, please, buttfuck me like your own little tramp. Just please, goooo" she had all the wind sucked out of her as I rammed it into her ass. Ok I guess I'll go in my room and undress and you come in,in a few minutes OK?

She got up and left. This was going to be sweet. I waited about 5 minutes and slipped my shorts on and went down to her room and knocked come in. I did and she was laying on the bed and had her covers pulled up to her tit's. I said are you ready? Yeah I guess so. I sat down in the chair next to her bed and pulled my shorts off my cock was about half hard now. She looked at it, I started stroking it again and she just watched I said well are you going to let me see you? Are you sure about this? Yes its not what you think. She slowly pulled the sheets down and her tit's were exposed she watched me closely to see how I would react.

Stop kidding me Jimmy. IM not they are hot. Rub them a little OK? She took her palms and gently made circular motion over both tit's the nipple got hard right away my cock did to and she seen what it was doing and said you really like this huh? Yes its very nice. She started getting into it and pinching them and rubbing them and lifting their weight in her hands wow it was getting me hot. And I stroked my cock faster I said Lace do you like my cock? Do you like watching me? She seemed embarrassed and looked at her tit's while she answered yes was all she said. I guess if you really want to. Lace did you masturbate after you watched me the other night? Yes I want to see you do it OK?

She slowly pulled her sheet down and as it came over her pussy mound I could see it was bald she shaved her pussy I let out a gasp and she pulled the covers back up and said I told you so. That you would think I am disgusting. I made that sound because you look so good. Your pussy from what I seen,is fine as hell hun don't be ashamed. She looked at me again to see if I was telling the truth. I said take it back off and let me see it. She again pulled down the sheet slowly and watched me closely as she did it. I wanted to say oh god that's hot but didn't want to spook her again.

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