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They are not criminalized when the clothes-free area is private and away from a view from the street, or through legislation when the beaches are officiated by a municipal decree, for example.

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It has hosted the meeting of the International Federation of Naturism inand there is a growing interest in the practice. There is no statutory definition in the Code of what constitutes an indecent act other than that the exposure of the genitals for a sexual purpose to anyone under 16 years of age[10] so the decision of what state of undress is "indecent", and thereby unlawful, is left to judges to decide. Judges have held, for example, that nude sunbathing is not indecent. InGwen Jacob was arrested for walking in a street in Guelph, Ontario while topless. She was acquitted in by the Ontario Court of Appeal on the basis that the act of being topless is not in itself a sexual act or indecent.

A Canadian legal advice web site observes, "Canada has a tangle of confusing and Nakex nudity laws. If a person is nude and also exhibiting lewd and lascivious, or obscene behaviour, then they may fall afoul of obscenity laws. Being nude in the street is likely to incur a small fine if a complaint is made against the person, or if the person ignores a police order to cover themselves. However in practice, the likelihood of being prosecuted for nudity on a public beach is low, and in the past authorities have declined to prosecute topless and nude people on beaches.

Ina Qatari NGO organized a campaign of "public decency" after they deemed the government to be too lax in monitoring the wearing of revealing clothes; defining the latter as "not covering shoulders and knees, tight or transparent clothes". South Africa[ edit ] In South Africa specific clothing laws exist for the general public. Nudity is treated under indecent exposure. Although nudity has gradually been tolerated on Sandy Bay in Cape Town after the National Party NP lost the election inand strict enforcement of its moral values is no longer applied, it is not an official legally recognised public nude beach.

Partial nudity is also tolerated on other beaches. Naturist Stephen Gough, who goes by the name of The Naked Rambler, is currently in prison in Scotland after being found guilty of breach the peace. So when does it become a crime? It becomes an offence if it can be proved the person stripped off with the intention to cause distress, alarm or outrage.

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un Then they run the risk of three possible offences, says a spokesman for law firm Kingsley Napley. If found guilty, the offender would face anything from streett fine to several years shreet prison. In Scottish law there is no statutory offence, just the common law offence of offending public decency - a strand of the breach of the pulic. The test is essentially the same as in English law - that a member of the public has been put in a state of fear or alarm. THE ANSWER It's not an offence to be naked in public in England and Wales Becomes offence if it can be proved the person stripped off with the intention to upset and shock Complainant has to prove this "With regards all of these offences, whilst there is obviously nudity in this case I suspect it would be very difficult to prove the necessary intent to cause distress, alarm or outrage," says the spokesman.

The police spokesman says such complaints are considered on a case-by-case basis. Andrew Welch of British Naturism says the issue all comes down to a person's intention.

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