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;rice publish watcch today, a year later, for Vlntage reading pleasure. Did I just overhype this? Probably, but here it goes anyways. Wisdom for Buying a Vintage Watch on eBay There is no question that eBay can be the best venue for finding fresh-to-market vintage pieces at good prices. I have gotten most of my best pick-ups on eBay and basically always am on the warch for what is out there. Here is my advice for what to think about when Vintage watch price guide to buy on eBay. If I had to give one bit of advice to you, it is to buy watches that you like. Should I buy it? Even at that price, how many people would buy it if you wanted to sell it?

You would essentially be searching for another sucker. Part of buying what you know is first learning about a watch. What do the original components of the watch ;rice the dial, hands, movement, case, crown, and case back look like? You can research many places — take a look at past eBay auctions particularly sold items to get an idea of value. For some watches, particularly Swiss or European watches, it is much harder to determine the age of the watch because there are no serial numbers. Most Swiss pocket watches did not have a unique serial number which can be used to date the watch, and for those watches the age must be estimated by the style of the movement and the way the watch is constructed.

Unfortunately, this requires a fair amount of experience and understanding of how watches were made over the years. Several of the books and vintage watch pricing guides on our Watch Books page can help you learn to identify various movement types and styles. Some watches were very cheaply made, while others used the best materials, and were very finely finished. Determining the overall quality-level of your watch is a key to understanding its value. One general rule-of-thumb is jewel count; the higher the jewel count, the higher the quality. Most antique watches with a few exceptions have a minimum of seven jewels, and for standard movements the highest jewel counts were 23 or 24 jewels.

Below 15 jewels is considered a lower-grade watch. Sometimes the number of jewels is clearly marked on the movement, as in "19J", and sometimes it can only be determined by a watchmaker examining the watch. See our article on Watch Jewels if you're interested in learning more about why jewels are used in watches. Jewel-count is only one indication of quality, but there are many others. The level of movement finish and material is another important consideration. Some watch movements are fairly rough, unadorned, and not very highly finished. Other watches exhibit a high degree of finish and decoration.

As with any antique, condition is an extremely important consideration Is the watch working or not? A watch is non-working condition is worth substantially less than one that works, because the purchaser must factor the unknown cost of repairs into the purchase price.

Every collector can tell you a story about buying a watch that they thought was a real bargain, only to find watc that Vintage watch price guide had serious hidden mechanical problems that rendered it essentially worthless or too expensive to repair. Gold screws, gold regulator, inlaid gold jewel settings and gold lettering give this size movement great visual Vintagee. Now examine the case and guidf surfaces of the watch. If the external condition of the watch is rough, with dents and dings in the case, cracked glass, missing hands and cracks or chips in the enamel dial, then it is likely that the watch has been roughly handled and the internal condition will probably reflect that handling.

Do the case parts align properly? Are the hinges bent or over-stressed? Is there brass showing through the gold plating around the edges of the case? Is the watch especially dirty? Caked-on dirt or grease in the cracks and crevices indicate a watch that hasn't been properly maintained, which can often be a sign of potential problems. Now open the back of the case and examine the movement. If you don't know how to open the case, don't force it If the screws holding the movement in the case are mismatched, or if it appears that parts of the watch have been replaced, then a more thorough examination by a professional watchmaker is in order.

If the movement has a lot of scratches around the case screws, or if the movement screws themselves are "chewed up" then it's possible that the watch has been worked on by individuals who may not have been as careful as they should have been!

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Use Your Eyes and Ears: If the watch is VVintage working condition, hold it up to your ear and listen carefully tuide what you hear. Is the ticking of the watch clean and crisp, with a faint metallic ring more like a ting-ting-ting than a tick-tock-tick or does it sound rough, like something is loose or dragging? Also carefully observe the motion of the balance wheel. Does it look straight and true, or is there a wobble in the motion of the balance?

Watch guide Vintage price

Any wobble could be an indication of a bent or broken balance pivot, an "out of true" balance, or damage to the balance jewels. If the watch shows any sign of rust or water damage, that could very well be a sign of more serious problems. Nothing destroys a watch movement more quickly than rust! If the hands are rusted, it may well be an indication that more rust would be found on the setting and winding parts underneath the dial. Also look for rust on the movement or steel case parts around the crown of the watch, as this is a likely place for water to get into the case. Any sign of rust or water damage will have a significant impact on the value of a watch.

How the watch looks Sparkling blue hands on a clean, unblemished white enamel dial give the watch that classic look of quality and craftsmanship that collectors really value. Does that dial have chips or hairline cracks? Is the case straight and handsomely engraved? Does the watch movement have an interesting damaskeening patterna two-tone movement, or other especially appealing visual qualities? Does it have a visually interesting or unusual dial, like a Montgomery, a Ferguson or a Canadian-style railroad dial? Sometimes just having a unique or interesting dial especially in excellent condition can enhance the value of the watch. Is the case solid gold, gold-plated or made from some other material?

With today's high gold prices, a solid gold case can add significantly to the value of a watch.

Our article on how Vintgae tell whether a watch case is gold or orice plated is a good place to start. Many high-quality watches had gold-plated train wheels, gold jewel-settings, or other uses of precious metal in the movement itself. Recognizing where these materials were used allows for a more accurate assessment of value. Collectors want pocket watches that are in all-original condition. If the watch is in original condition, as it came from the factory, it will command a higher price than one which is less original. Are all the hands of the same style or has one been replaced with something of a different style?

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