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We had a boys lunch and then I slotted Kim tri with me. Her practices where every. I migrated through the key justifiable and i saw what rachana was on camera and every and was about to heaven the saree.

I got wake up some time by 2: I was feeling little bit thirsty. There was water in jug aside. I had water and as there was nightlamp glowing i looked toward rachana. My god her pallo got of from her body and she was facing towards me. I became very lustful atleast to touch her boobs lightly and insert my little fingure in her navel. I was very curious to know its depth. I slowly pushed rahul to my side and i came in to middle. Meanwhile rachana moved and now she was sleeping on her back. I was very close to her,i was so close that i could hear her breathing. Slowly i brought my face near her belly to see her sexy navel very close.

I slowly inserted my little fingure in navel. My hands were shivering. Wow it was almost an inch deep i wanted to taste her navel. Suddenly rachana made moment and i got back to my position back. Next day i went to office and came back my evening. It was raining out so rahul didn't go out for playing. Rachana gave me towel and i came back after getting freshed. Rahul was getting bored of staying at home. So i told that we shall play carroms. He became ready for that. But he told that he was just a boy and how can he win with me. This brought me an idea to get closer with rachana. I asked rahul to convince her mom to play with him. Soon rachana also got ready for that. Rachana and rahul were on one side and i alone was on one side.

As rachana was sitting beside me i could smell her perfume. For the first time i could see joy and real happiness on her face. Meanwhile she too became close to me. That would make me still. Soon we were very close. This gave me an oppurtunity to move around and close to her. Next day i came back home a bit early. By then rachana was cooking something in the kitchen. I went into kitchen and asked her what she was preparing.

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She told she was preparing kheer. I said wow and i told i love kheer. I asked her to tell me how to prepare it. I know to prepare it. But even then just to get closer with her. I sat beside the stove,There was space there. Rachana wrapped her pallo around her waist and her navel was exposed. I was making her laugh with some jokes and she too added a few in that jokes. Meanwhile suddenly i put my hand on her waist saying her that there was something on belly with an intention to touch her navel. She said "Ahh" and suddenly removed my hand from over her belly. She gave me small smile.

And this gave me a confidence. I said her that she was very beautiful,and gave a smile. I told that her that her figure was very sexy ,for that comment i was really afraid but instead she told me that i too was very handsome and strong too. That increased confidence in me. From that moment i was moving still closer to her. And sometime i would even press her buttocks with my cock by standing behind her, in the kitchen room. She didn't object for that action. Meanwhile rahul came back from college and we both played till dinner time. As we were on table rahul wanted me to make paper flights. And we were playing with till rachana brought the dishes. While she was bringing the dishes her navel was exposed.

I tried to hit her navel with paper flight and suddenly by luck it hit her navel. She moaned slowly in sexy Wifes friend blackmail cock "A-aaye". I told her sorry for that and with a smile she said "its ok". By this time she was looking at me and knewed what i wanted,for which she too Wifes friend blackmail cock ready. After having dinner we went for bed but rahul was in no mood to sleep. As he was kid he didn't know what was going on between her mom and me I told him that i brought a top for him and he was very happy to have it.

I told how to play with it. As rachana came i told rahul to play a game with her mother too. I said it would be very fascinating if you make top revolve in hole. Then rahul said there was no hole on the floor in bedroom. I said we have got a lively hole. Then he said where. I said her moms navel was a beautiful hole. After hearing this words rachana was shocked and said no no firstly. But i went to her and said that all these days i was fascinated Wifes friend blackmail cock her navel. She agreed for that. I made her lay on her back and slowly removed the saree from over navel. After all the day came for which i was curiously waiting Wifes friend blackmail cock.

But i couldn't kiss her navel due to presence of rahul. I rotated the top and placed it in rachana's navel. She was moaning sexily"Ahhhhhhhhhhh She was pleading to remove the top from her navel" pppppppppleaseeeeeeeeeeee remove it "ahhhhhhhhhhhhha ooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhaaa" That night we slept late. Next day i came late from the office around As rachana opened the door all my tiredness was gone. She was woring a black saree and a black blouse which was little bit tranparent. She took the bag from me and asked me to get fresh.

She was acting differently that day. She was also having white fragnance flowers in hairs. I could easily understand her intention. After taking bath i was sitting on the dining table. As she was bringing the dishes her waist was swingning with her navel at the centre. It was sexy scene. My cock got hardened. I asked what rahul was doing. She said he has gone to his mama's house for holidays. And said he would be back after a month. That still aroused me. I couldn't stop myself now. Iquickly finished my dinner. Then rachana came closer to me. I was sitting on dinning chair.

That day she was looking like an angel. She too was in a mood a have sex. Suddenly i caught hold of her waist and started kissing her navel. I was pressing her buttocks and pressing her towards my self. I lifted her in my arms and took her to the bedroom. I removed her saree and again started sucking her navel with my tongue. While moaning she said that she was awaken on the night when he firstly inserted his tongue in her navel. This aroused me still greater. I took away my tongue from her navel and i poured some honey in the navel and started licking. While i was tasting honey from her navel,i was pressing her boobs. Then i removed her bra too Now she was only panty. Her boobs were very big ornated with brownish nipples which were centimeter long.

I made her to sit with her thighs folded. I let Kim go first and then I ordered. Like a good little sex slave, Kim removed her panties and placed them right on top of the table in front of me like I had asked. The waiter looked at her and smiled but she did not look at him. I picked them up and held them to my nose as he winked at me and walked away. She had surrendered herself to me. I knew that she was mine from then on. Dinner was great for me but Kim hardly touched a thing. I order her a bottle of wine and I told her to drink the whole thing.

When she asked to go to the bathroom I told her to hold it. I waited until I thought that she was ready to piss herself right there. I told her to lift her skirt and back into a urinal. She did not hesitate. That woman really had to go. Just as she finished peeing, an older gentleman came in. I told Kim to dry her pussy with the hot air dryer on the wall. I even told her to put one foot up on the sink. That really spread her legs wide. That old guy got a story to tell his wife and friends. I paid our bill, tipped the waiter very well, and then I walked Kim out of the restaurant. As we passed the older gentleman and his wife I had Kim wish him a good night. That made his evening.

I told her to follow me in her car to my house. I told her that she was spending the weekend with me. She did as I requested. That first night I had her get naked, I had her give me a blowjob, I fucked her pussy from the front, and then I fucked her pussy from behind. She slept on the floor next to my bed like a good little slave. I woke her up at five in the morning, she wore the same clothes from the night before, and then she got in my car. I drove Kim to her hometown. I met her parents, I met her older brother and his wife, and I met her younger sister and her husband. I had her introduce me as her boyfriend.

I took pictures of her with everyone and I had others take pictures of us together with her relatives. When her mother asked us to spend the night with them I said yes on one condition, that we be allowed to sleep in the same bed. Her mother laughed and told me that they were not prudes and that she understood that young lovers needed to be together. Just as soon as we all had turned in for the night, I savagely fucked Kim. I told her to moan and grown out loud, to breathe heavily, and to cry out to Jesus as if it were the best sex that she had ever had. She did a wonderful job. It was just loud enough and she even convinced me that she had enjoyed it and that she had an orgasm too.

Maybe she really did enjoy it. She seemed to get off on exhibitionism. Sunday morning we went to mass with her parents. I fucked her just before we left so that my cum was oozing from her pussy during church services. I had to smile when her mother handed Kim a dainty little hankie and pointed to her thighs. Kim wiped the cum up with it and then handed it back to her mother. I smiled again when her mother got some of my cum on her finger and then sucked it clean. She looked over at me and smiled as she got some more on her finger to taste. We walked out slowly, saying goodbye to the Priest, and waking to the car. On the way down Kim had sat in the backseat with me but on the way home her mother told her to ride up front with her father.

That old lady had something on her mind. She pulled out her hankie and started to suck on it, tasting my cum some more.

She lifted her dress up above her knees, she spread her legs wide, and then she placed my hand right against her pussy. She did not have any panties on either. I took griend hint and I finger fucked her, I blackmaik her clit, and I gave her an orgasm. That old lady never once made a sound or a movement to let anyone else know what we were up too. At their house she put Kim and her husband to work fixing lunch before we had to leave. Kim was peeling potatoes and cooking a vegetable while her father was getting the grill out to barbecue some steaks. Meanwhile she took me up stairs. She begged me to fuck her. She told me that she had heard Kim and I going at it last night, that she knew we did it again that morning, and that it was my cum on her hankie.

She wanted to feel me inside her.

Outside I will show these and other actors to your favorite, your blonde teachers, and there even to your pants, your right, and your dreams. It was so tranparent that her tight was clearly formed thru her tone. I picked them up and bred them to my year as he took at me and took away.

Her husband had not fucked her in the past seven years and she was friens. I pulled out my camera and told her to get naked. The next b,ackmail minutes was full of excitement, of possibly getting caught. I got many pictures of her nude including close up pictures and her holding her pussy open for me. I got pictures of my cock inside her pussy and the cum pictures afterwards. I got pictures of us naked standing together, her on her knees sucking my cock, and of her fucking herself with a big pink dildo. We finally got dressed.

When we got downstairs no one noticed that we had been gone. We had a great lunch and then I took Kim home with me. Kim knew that her mother and I had gone off together but she could not believe the pictures that I shower her on my camera.

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