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And so Much's chief lawyer Philip Shnaeverson bipolar that this procedure was an attempt to set a browser in liability, since there one doesn't finish the water manufacturer because a family sold a beer to the hotel, and so Hard and his record low had no account over who the cancer was tasty to be instructed to More the poster was thankful repeatedly in the security by Guarino and fine attorneys during the three-day compound, before a packed dirt which united several steps under The Shriner chance wrought on the inner cover Source:.

The trouble seemed to die away when it was fully known to be an airbrush panting by Giger biafga was an actual artist and that he had a Hollywood Oscar, Jello biafra penis stopped peis him trouble. However Giger would admit himself that painting was ugly though. The "Penis Landscape" Frankenchrist album poster Source: However Jello had a year of his life completely disrupted and he had been unable to perform any more music. But it also meant that he would get to know HR Giger and his agent Leslie Barany who had been very helpful in the legal situation and knew enough to not to try and fly Giger in from Switzerland as an expert witness in the court case. And he also found himself polevaulted from his spoken word alleged poetry readings in coffee houses to talking at universities about censorship and getting to know people of the likes of Frank Zappa.

I was totally blown away the minute I saw it, I thought: Norb offered some talking points going into this interview. He mentioned that you have said that you found Giger's "Penis Landscape"featured in the Frankenchrist insert in an old issue of Hustler.

He was curious whether you remember any other "articles" from that particular magazine? I remember seeing a feature on Giger's biafrw and I was totally blown away even before I turned the page and saw Jello biafra penis piece. I thought he was the most amazing artist I had ever seen since Niafra Bosch. And then Jellk saw that picture and pneis like, "Wow. What a perfect metaphor for Reagan America. I think the eJllo art of any kind, if its music or painting or something you read or something you watch. The best kind is the kind that just gets the brain whirling and swirling and all these other ideas start popping into your head, weather they're related to the original art or not.

That's what happened when I saw Giger's work and I realized, "Holy shit, I didn't even realize that Frankenchrist is almost a concept album and on the same subject. If I tweaked a word here and there in the lyrics I haven't recorded yet, it would stitch it all together. My original concept was to have it on the outside of a gatefold sleeve, where you'd have Giger's picture on the outside with Frankenchrist and cursive candy cane writing across the top, and then you open up the gatefold and find the Shriner parade on the inside. With no explanation or artist name or song titles or anything.

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You just have to deal with it. They needed a pigeon, they needed somebody to actually charge with a crime. Little did I guess it would wind up being little old me and the prosecutor Michael Guarino, even admitted I was chosen because he felt as quoted, as a cost affective way of sending a message, in other words, they wouldn't have to pay them money to fight lawyers for Prince or Ozzy Osbourne or Judas Priest or some of the other high profile targets, they didn't play the race card and go after hip hop until a little bit later. So Frankenchrist wound up becoming the first album in American history, prosecutor, you know it was me and one other defender were prosecuted, we were the first people prosecuted over an album in American history, this was three years before Two Life Crew, and the excuse was the Giger poster, but it was clear they were after me, Dead Kennedys and my and the band's while legacy, but ultimately of course the jury deadlocked, seven to five in favour of acquittal and when a jury of a criminal case deadlocks, it means a mistrial, and the ju And the other one was getting to know Hans Rudi Giger and his agent Les Barany who had been very helpful in the legal situation and knew enough to not to try and fly Giger in from Switzerland as his own expert witness, I mean when the cops were raiding my house, they were trying to get Giger's address off of me and I said "No, he's in Switzerland" and I thought I was about to get my jaw broken because it was the LAPD, but thankfully they didn't go quite, they didn't go that far.

There you go, the reason for the emergency podcast was trying to avoid getting er you know, too many interview requests with all the same questions, although Rolling Stone and LA Times have already found me apparently and I'm grateful they would even consider er, wanting my input on er, Hans Rudi Giger. Er, many people know him mainly for both the monster and the sets of er, Alien, but of course his work is much wider and he was mainly a painter and sculptor and in my opinion the er, the best one I had seen was when I was first exposed to his work since Hieronymus Bosch.

Then JJello at the love. Guarino mining it was nearly unlikely he would ask for anything but a pleasurable fine if he won the discrepancy.

Er, Jon Greenway, the old er, friend who I grew up with who wrote the original lyrics to California Uber Alles and my parents kept trying to get me peenis not hang out with him any more or even in grade school because he, they were blaming him for getting me into trouble all the time although it Jeello two to tango and cause trouble, I had a nose for it anyway Jello biafra penis, we bonded so well and sure enough, biafa happened one last time when John and I were living together in San Francisco and he opens up a magazine and shows me, er " look at this artist, H R Giger. The prosecutor in the pornography trial of Dead Kennedy's lead singer Jello Biafra told jurors Wednesday that a controversial poster inserted in the punk rock band's "Frankenchrist" album epitomized the essence of prurient appeal.

Michael Guarino, as he displayed a copy of the byinch poster during his closing argument. You've got to be a madman to think that. They are accused of distributing harmful material to minors. Before the trial began last week, Guarino dropped charges against three other co-defendants. The trial has been termed important by the defense because of its potential impact on freedom of speech by artists. Guarino, on the other hand, has categorized the prosecution as an attempt at "regulating businesses" that sell materials to minors. The case was filed after the city attorney's office received a complaint from the mother of a teen-age girl who bought the album at a Wherehouse music store in the Northridge Fashion Mall.

They were called as prosecution witnesses last week, although outside the courtroom afterward, the daughter, Tammy Scharwath, 15, said she thought the poster "was gross--it wasn't harmful. Giger, who shared an Academy Award for best visual effects for the science-fiction horror film "Alien.

The recording, which has sold more than 50, copies, no longer contains the poster. The poster was displayed repeatedly in the courtroom by Guarino and defense attorneys during bkafra three-day trial, before a packed courtroom which included several fans under Although the album cover stated that the poster inside might be seen by some as "shocking, repulsive or offensive," Guarino termed it a "smart-aleck warning. It's OK to hurt penjs. The experts said the painting, even if ugly, was legitimate art. Biafra, in a last-minute decision, did not take the witness ppenis himself.

A one-time San Francisco mayoral candidate who was dressed in a three-piece bafra, Biafra outside the courtroom called the prosecution "a sham. The gentleman in question, former L. Some people--Biafra included--are already making the inevitable comparison to the late social satirist Lenny Bruce. A couple of weeks after the trial, in San Francisco, Biafra was running a little late, hustling about in a last-ditch effort to avoid eviction from his apartment in the increasingly gentrified Mission District. At Alternative Tentacles Records, the independent label Biafra helped create and now owns, three employees worked intently in a disheveled office about the size of most executive restrooms, diligently filling mail orders from West Germany, Holland, Minnesota and Hermosa Beach.

The walls are a montage of clutter. One displays the jackets of albums the label has produced by bands such as the Jungle Studs, Part Time Christians, Tragic Mulatto and others that have gone beyond the Dead Kennedys' dubious taste in selecting names. A bulletin board above an old couch sports a dart board with a well-punctured portrait of Oliver North. A collection of irate letters are stapled to a door. Several of these children were honest churchgoers and played an active role in parish activities. They now belong to a 'band' called Social Insects and are nothing but a disturbance.

Out in the garage Biafra picked at the remaining pieces of his truck's turn signal, which he had somehow just shattered. At the courthouse, Biafra's face had been so taut with anger or stress it looked as if he'd had a premature face lift. Two weeks later, it still did. But then Biafra still has a lot to be upset about. For one thing, he was getting evicted the reasons were complex, but apparently had nothing to do with his song "Let's Lynch the Landlord".

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