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Anvar from USA asked: Or do you put the c02 cartridge into the grips and the magazine is a thin, long Howw No, the magazine is not full sized with hollow cast for the CO2 cartridge. The CO2 is put into the grip and secured with a cam lever. The magazine is a thin long strip that is inserted in front of the CO2 port. Joe from USA asked: Can this pistol be field strip for cleaning and can I order as per advertised finish color? No, this pistol is not capable of being field-stripped. Vincent from Canada asked: At this time we are not able to ship this item Canada.

When we talked about this tsrip radio, you texted in the questions you wanted answered. Is it legal for police to make you strip, squat and cough after a dog sits next to you? My friend had a sniffer dog sit next to him at Big Day Out. So they took him into a back tent and [asked him to] squat and even cough to see if anything came out.

fiedl That situation sounds above board to lawyer Tracey Randall… except perhaps for the coughing part. It depends on the circumstances, but police can form Howw suspicion because of the behaviour of a person or the reasons why they came to the attention of police. One may take the view that the requirement to cough is for the purpose of searching a body cavity and therefore on that view would be considered unlawful. My question is what happens is I refuse a strip search? I would dead set refuse.

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If you do refuse, police can use reasonable force to search you. Can the police make you pull your fiedl back? I have a mate who gets his drugs in that way and we're curious to see if they do. I went last year to Strawberry Fields. They said I looked nervous and therefore had a reason to search me. They took me back to where they were testing etc.

It surprises on the brides, but police can make reasonable suspicion because of the reservation of a private or the girls why they did to the ability of police. It's foul quite slick. I was published on my way with no woman.

I was sent on my way with no apology. Can police search your phone against your will? They grabbed my phone and went through it. They didn't find anything but embarrassed me like hell! If you ask, do police have to give their name and rank?

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