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We recommend several techniques like foreplay, relaxation, lubrication, and trying different positions — but if you citting experiencing pain, please stop. We fittig seeing your doctor if you have any pain, and definitely not pushing yourself past your limits. Foreplay eick the utmost of importance. Get comfortable with the size of it in your hands, in your mouth, and anywhere else. Basically — own that dick. Keep in mind, however, that oral sex with a big dick is different than with an average dick. The tip of the penis especially on uncut guys is much more sensitive than the shaft anyways. Take a deep breath, and try to change your thinking about it.

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If her partner is quite wide, she may need to learn some relaxation breathing as well as learn to relax her PC muscles and fittingg plenty of lube. This should be done gently, and at her pace to prevent tearing of the tissues. The same is true for the bottom in anal sex the one being penetrated if the top has a wide erection. If she has pain with deep penetration, she may have endometriosis that forms scar tissue which prevents stretching of the tissues. Otherwise, you may be hitting her cervix a little too directly.

Changing the angle by changing positions could be xick. In considering long erections for oral sex, it is important pusssy remember that the tip of the erection and the area just below the head are the most sensitive parts. If he does like to have it completely taken into the mouth, he is probably more excited with the visual image and the idea of it getting completely enveloped rather than the actual physical sensation. Too big usually comes down to the comfort level of the partner. If it seriously interferes with the amount of sexual intercourse a man gets, then he would probably consider himself too large.

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If you have a very large penis, give your partner time to lube, relax, and stretch. Breathing and getting very aroused are extremely important. You almost never find a penis so large that a man would pass out when erect.

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