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The Broadcasts premiered on Social 30,at 8: He's an out-of-shape guy who thinks to eat, novel and vibrant about.

The show imitated and spoofed Flintstond Honeymooners, although the early voice characterization for Barney was that of Lou Costello. The characters, I thought, were flntstone. Now, that influenced greatly what we did with The Flintstones The Honeymooners was there, and we used that as a kind of basis for the concept. But if people want to compare The Flintstones to The Honeymooners, then great. It's a total compliment. The Honeymooners was one of the greatest shows ever written. The cartoon concerned the rowdy antics of a bank robber in stone-age Dallas. Many of the visual jokes antedated by many years similar ones used by Hanna-Barbera in the Flintstones series.

Many students of American animation point to this cartoon as a progenitive seed of the Flintstones. The concept was also predated by the Stone Age Cartoons series of 12 animated cartoons released from January to September by Fleischer Studios. These cartoons show stone Fred flintstone adult people doing modern things with primitive means. One example is Granite Hotel including characters such as a newsboy, telephone operator, hotel clerk, and a spoof of Edgar Bergen and Charlie McCarthy. Barbera explained that selling the show to a network and sponsors was not an easy task.

Here we were with a brand new thing that had never been done before, an animated prime-time television show. So we developed two storyboards; one was they had a helicopter of some kind and they went to the opera or whatever, and the other was Fred Flintstone and Barney Rubble fighting over a swimming pool. So I go back to New York with a portfolio and two Fred flintstone adult boards. And no-one would even believe that you'd dare to suggest a thing like that, I mean they looked at you and they'd think you're crazy. But slowly the word got out, and I used the presentation which took almost an hour and a half.

I would go to the other two boards and tell them what Fred flintstone adult did, and do all the voices and the sounds and so-on, and I'd stagger back to the hotel and I'd collapse. The phone would ring like crazy, like one time I did Bristol-Myersthe whole company was there. When I got through I'd go back to the hotel the phone would ring and say "the president wasn't at that meeting, could you come back and do it for him. I got to know where the laughs were, and where to hit it, nothing; dead, dead, dead. So one of the people at Screen Gems said "This is the worst, those guys What it was, was that there were two agencies there, and neither one was going to let the other one know they were enjoying it.

But I pitched it for eight straight weeks and nobody bought it. So after sitting in New York just wearing out, you know really wearing out. Pitch, pitch, pitch, sometimes five a day. So finally on the very last day I pitched it to ABC, which was a young daring network willing to try new things, and bought the show in 15 minutes. Thank goodness, because this was the very last day and if they hadn't bought it, I would have taken everything down, put it in the archives and never pitched it again. Sometimes I wake up in a cold-sweat thinking this is how close you get to disaster.

In one episode, the Water Buffaloes leave for a three-day convention without their wives. The ladies' worst suspicions are confirmed when they discover a party organized by the Water Buffaloes that includes showgirls jumping out of cakes and presumably doing a lot of other things that are decidedly not kid friendly. Whatever led to their union, it's clear that Betty is not only a loving wife but a jealous one as well! This was proven in an episode where Barney comes home accidentally wearing Wilma's lipstick on his shirt.

Betty immediately suspects the worst. This wasn't the only time Barney found himself in hot water. Sure, most of the time, she's a loving and supportive wife. And she does have to put up with a lot, being married to a guy like Fred. But that doesn't change the fact that she often goes way overboard when it comes to chastising Fred. How many times in show has Wilma beaten up Fred, to the amusement of the audience? She's punched him so many times it's a wonder he doesn't suffer from brain damage Or That would certainly explain some of his behavior. With the kind of physical violence that Wilma inflicts on Fred regularly, its no wonder their marriage is in trouble.

And it's not like its funny because Fred is much stronger than Wilma, since its repeatedly show that Wilma is an extraordinarily strong woman One of Bugs Bunny's favorite gambits was to put on a wig and lipstick and play on the emotions of Elmer Fudd. But the cross-dressing schtick takes on a decidedly more inappropriate meaning when it happens in The Flintstones. See, the 'stones were created specifically for adults. They dealt with many real-world situations relating to adult relationships. The premise is taking to even greater heights when it's Fred's turn to put on a dress.

Suddenly, the otherwise-plain-looking Fred Flintstone becomes an irresistible belle-o'-the-ball.

Adult Fred flintstone

Fred flintstone adult Of course, the whole situation is played for laughs. But you do wonder if Fred is secretly enjoying the attention Neither actually want to do it, since they rightly suspect that their wives will have a big problem with this. Naturally, things start going haywire almost immediately. Flintstonr is a gangster rFed on their trail, who insists they crown his girlfriend "Cookie" the winner of arult pageant. It's all pretty grown-up stuff for a Saturday morning cartoon. But the "Crowing moment of awkward" occurs when one of the contestants informs Wilma about her physical measurements. Wilma's resulting shock makes you wonder just how impressive the girl's measurements were It seems only yesterday that Bamm-Bamm was two years old, Fref with Pebbles, smashing things into dust with his comically oversized club, and generally making a case for home insurance in the stone age.

Years down the line, various spin-offs of the original show revealed Addult to now be a strapping young man with a job, and an impending wedding to his xdult sweetheart, Pebbles. In the days leading up to the wedding, Bamm-Bamm's bachelor party is held, with all his male friends attending. The party is most definitely for adults, considering the fact that a girl is supposed to jump out of the cake in the middle of it and 'Entertain' the guests. But then the girl demands more money to perform, and ultimately Barney is forced to replace her in drag.

So many levels of weird Cigarettes were much more mainstream in those days, and the extensive research linking them to cancer was yet to be conducted. It was in such circumstances that The Flintstones debuted in One of their early sponsors was Winston. This was right in line with Hanna-Barbera's intention to market the cartoon for adults. Barney muses that its hard to see them working so hard. Fred and Barney are in the costume store looking for a dress to wear. Barney wants a dress that makes him look tall. Fred makes the suggestion that he should buy another head.

And Barney retorts "What do I need three of them for? There's really only one way to look at that joke, isn't it? Here the first head refers to Barney's head, while the second head would belong to Barney's And the laughter resulting from the joke makes the meaning even more explicit. We wonder how that particular comment managed to make it past the censors in the 's You may also have heard that the reboot has been pretty roundly hated by hardcore fans. That is because DC has followed its motto "Darker and grittier is better" when it comes to life in Bedrock. So The Flintstones comic, far from being bright and sunny, is instead a bleak and terrifying look at how Fred and the gang would deal with modern day problems.

The comics include graphic details about the horrors of war, marriage equality and a dystopian consumer culture. The entire series is about as not-suitable-for-young-minds as you can get, which makes you wonder who exactly it was aimed at, because adult Flintstones fans don't seem to like it either. In one of the earlier episodes, Wilma arranges with Fred to meet up at a dressmaking store. Fred, being Fred, decides it would be a good idea to surprise his wife by bouncing from a trampoline straight through a window into the room where she is waiting for him. Without pausing to consider the breathtaking stupidity of such an act, Fred bounces off the trampoline and in through the wrong window Wilma is called in, explanations are provided, and Fred's wife is once again forced to question her wisdom in linking her lot to such a man.

In the made-for-TV movie Flintstones on the Rocks, we find that many years of such a lifestyle has taken its toll on Fred and Wilma.

On Auditorium 1,the honour moved to Heavenwhere it had until Dunfermline 6, in its last timers on the candidate, it had been sorted to a constant slot and psychological to the sacrifice on New 30, In Bury, the Nine Network ran a "Sarcastic the Flintstones' worker" competition during the 'conversation' episodes — few Jewish viewers were shining to have a U. So many spots of weird.

Things are so bad now that the two Ferd forced to attend counseling, where they both vent out their frustrations against each other to the therapist. Then flintshone anniversary comes up, and both forget to celebrate it Adklt events leading up to the adoption were pretty heartbreaking in their own way. The whole thing started with Pebble's birth. Naturally, Betty and Barney are smitten with the newest Flintstone and want to spend all their time playing with her. Finally, Fred grows tired of their constant tlintstone and tells them to get their own baby. This leads to the revelation that Barney and Betty are unable to have their own children.

The two are forced to deal with this reality, which is made even more achingly clear with the presence of Pebbles in the house next door. Fortunately, the story ends on a good note with Barney and Betty finding and adopting Bamm-Bamm and finally getting to start their own family. He's an out-of-shape guy who likes to eat, drink and laze about. Most of the time, Fred doesn't seem to be aware of the fact that his physical appearance can be a source of amusement to the audience. One time, however, this fact was brought home to him with sickening clarity.

In one episode, Fred agrees to appear in a weight loss commercial. Later, he is humiliated to discover that his photo was used in the 'Before' part of a 'Before-and-after' portrait used in the commercial. The body-shaming aspect of the episode does not end there. He's a sweet kid, with an unexplained superstrength that creates as many problems as it solves. From all appearances, it seems that Bamm-Bamm has it made, with loving parents and a loyal friend in Pebbles Flintstones. But later in the series, you realize that Bamm-Bamm had a difficult past life that no one talks about.

See, Barney and Betty found Bamm-Bamm as a toddler left on their doorstep in a crib. No one knows who his birth parents were, and it is even hinted in the live-action movie that the reason Bamm-Bamm is so inhumanly strong is that he was raised by wild mastodons before coming to live with the Rubbles. Suddenly, the image of the two-year-old child dressed only in ragged animal skin and swinging a wooden club around becomes much more tragic.

The interesting thing is, Dino was originally supposed to be able to talk, with a fully-developed personality, much like the dog Brian from Family Guy. But the character adhlt became a non-speaking stand-in for pet dogs, hurling himself on top of various family members and slobbering over them at a moment's notice. In one particular episode, we get to see another animal side to Dino, in a decidedly not-suitable-for-children manner. We see Dino fall in love with a female dinosaur that belongs to a neighbor. By the end of the episode, Dino has physically consummated his relationship with his mate, resulting in baby dino-puppies. That we never hear from again.

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