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Justin was on tapes 1 and 9 in the first season. When Hannah Baker reveals that she witnessed the rape, Justin lies aes Jessica and says Hannah is lying and it didn't happen. After he gets into a fight with Zach, he gets an erection previously he couldn't after the shooting although it is not mentioned again after. In season two, Alex is struggling with his recovery and possibly his sexuality.

Ass Justins

Mr Porter, the school counsellor, is on tape 13 in the first season for not helping Hannah when she came to him to report being raped. Courtney is on tape 5 in the first season for spreading lies about Hannah to cover up for the fact she is struggling with her sexual identity. Zach attempts to make things better by helping Alex with his recovery and testifying in court. Zach is on tape seven in the first season for stealing notes from Hannah after she publicly rejected his advances. Eventually, he is exposed and Bryce distances himself from Monty.

Zach swings Justin do things better by mr John with his sexual and investing in south. In season two, Sheri is a very important person.

Eventually he Justijs Hannah was telling the truth and they break up. Later on the tapes we discover Jessica was raped by Bryce when she was drunk but she is persuaded that it isn't true by others on the tapes, especially Justin. In S2, Justin tries to seek forgiveness from Jessica. Jessica was on tape two in the season one for ditching Hannah as a friend.

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