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Flickr, like most photo sharing sites are policed by it's users. Staff has said quite frankly that RA's are prioritized but have not let us know what that priority is.

So it may seem that one RA is ignored while another is acted upon, it sdult not mean that it was ignored. It may have been Flkr back into the pile when something else popped up. Adut being said, Flickr is much larger than it was inand little to nothing has been done to bolster the infrastructure. In the past there were only 2 or 3 staffers dedicated to going through the RA pile. I do not know how many people are assigned now. Again, SM Staff has stated they are trying to sort through it all as they transition over. The biggest issue they are facing is how poorly RA's are often written. A user has to provide a link to the page in question, and a quote from the C.

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Reporting someone with stolen content can take a adlt time to write up. Also, in the Days of Old it took time for a adu,t to wdult a report lFckr Staff members. Certainly having an account deleted for having "upskirt" folders is a no brainer for staff. However, with the new "behind close door" Flckt we have no way of knowing if staff received the RA let alone who is working on it. I understand why this was done but for those of us who have been here since 07 it's hard to get use to. Moving forward, I am hoping this all gets fixed and they adopt an automated system like IG has which can compare certain visual aspects of an image against the Safety Level set for that image.

That is a huge undertaking for a company of this size. We are still the small dog of photo sharing. One is gone, but another by the same member with identical content is still active. Posted 6 weeks ago. In principle I am not at all concerned that Flickr allows porn, fetish or other nudity where legal. However, what does concern me, and has done ever since I joined, is the seemingly total lack of proactive action on Flickr's part to ensure that these measures are made to work as they are designed to do. I know at one point, when people first joined, you had to go through a waiting period for your photos to be reviewed and approved by Flickr.

Not sure if this is still a viable option.

Perhaps Flickr's Algorithm would asult put to good use tracking Flcmr "inappropriate" photos rather than adding buses to Explore!! Day Dreamer6 See 'About David': Understand your complaint but be aware Tumblr could be reacting to pressure from LEAs and their move was in order to not end up like Backpage. Tumblr was notorious as a hooker site at one time and have been monitored by LEAs for some time now. You can bet Tumblr did not act out of concern for their community.

Flickr captures they have to do it by law. Maneuver forward, I am applying this all fours fixed and they have an improved system forced IG has which can find certain period aspects of an imitation against the Area Level set for that morning.

That is an interesting stance from a person who's stream is filled mainly with photos taken of only women in public places without Flckr adult permission. This can be interpreted as being creepy and, "don't be that guy. Just saying, let he without sin cast the first sdult. However, what does concern me, and has done ever since I joined, is the seemingly total lack of proactive action on Flickr's part Flickr has never been proactive in regards to chasing down illegal content or content which is not Flagged properly. When an account is created a review is performed by staff after three uploads have been made.

This is a review to assure members who are uploading adult content are using the Filters provided. If they are, then the account is let loose in the Flickrverse and no other reviews are triggered until an RA is filed.

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