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Since then, Atlansia has continued to produce cutting-edge guitar designs in Nagano, Japan. The company did not make any other badged guitars japansse than namesake Atlansia. Mountain Company was founded in and made high quality acoustics. Maker of house brand C. Chushin Gakki Chushin is still in operation today in Nagano, Japan and does business with guitar giant Fender. I believe that Chushin may have been a member of the Matsumoto Musical Instruments Association listed further down because both companies produced Fresher guitars during different periods The company may have possibly made some guitars with the Aztec, Maya and Robin badges, but that is not verified.

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Guitars made by Chushin from this period are well-made and appreciated by guitar enthusiasts worldwide. Daimaru Founded in the city of Matsumoto, Japan in the early s, Daimaru produced their own house brand, although they outsourced electric guitar production to Teisco during the s period. Daimaru appears to have gone out of business after Maker of house brand Daion guitars, along with JooDee and Johnson badged guitars. JooDee was made by master guitar luthier Shiro Tsuji. Outsourced work to maker Yamaki. Daion went out of business shortly after Will research this for more information.

They manufactured guitars for Fender Japan and Greco, so they couldn't have been a terrible manufacturer as Fender is very choosy about outsourcing their product. Dyna may have been a source for Japanese manufacturer Yamaki. Dyna also produced the infamous Ibanez badges for a short period of time. Electric Sound Products ESP Founded in by Hisatake Shibuya, this wildly-popular manufacturer focused on making quality basses for export as well as electric guitars. ESP survived the 'copy' era and is still in business today. A possible badge made by the company was Robin.

Elk Gakki also known as Miyuki Makers of the Elk badged guitar from the early to mid s toalthough other sources indicate that the Elk brand did not stop production until the early s. Elk badged guitars came in clear acrylics in addition to colors in the early s, which was an attempt to copy clear acrylics designed by the legendary Dan Armstrong in the late s. Fernandes Fernandes Guitars started production in in Osaka, Japan. It grew and became one of the largest producers of Japanese-made guitars, rivaling competitors Fujigen and Matsumoku. Fernandes produced guitars with the Burny and Nady badges as well as house brand Fernandes.

A possible badge made by Japanse was the oddly named Vihtage guitar. Fujigen Gakki Fujigen Gakki began operation in as a classical guitar japznese, moving into the lucurative electric guitar markets in The company was the largest producer of Japanese guitars during the period. They were known for producing high quality products, especially for the badged guitar market, which is why the company was selected by so many major American brands. It wasn't until that the company began making products for the venerable Ibanez brand, which was an unqualified success. Fujigen Gakki was the main manufacturer of choice for Greco badged guitars in the to period.

They also produced guitars for major manufacturer Yamaha. Badged guitars that may have been made by Fujigen Gakki were Marlin and St. Guyatone Guyatone produced electric guitars for major guitar manufacturer Suzuki.

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The company Vintate produced their house brand Guyatone. Other badges that may have been produced by Guyatone are Beeton not to be jpaanese by the Beeton Brass Guitar company founded inBradford, Canora and Regent. Hayashi bought out small manufacturer Zen-On in during a period of expansion for the company. Credited with making Pearl badged acoustic guitars, Hayashi was also responsible for making Cortez, Custom, Emperador and Mountain acoustics. You're the first bidder on this item!

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