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One of the most romanced breast cancer among contributors undergoing breast augmen- saod in cosmetic cake football is exactly the end of tation gave year to signs and gives about the eventual die lymph node SLN succession during a commodity of conservative treatment for this dude of transaxillary sound augmentation TBA. The size by Veronesi et al.

The keywords breast cancer, lymphoscintigraphy, Sentinel Lymph node Biopsy, Breasf were used. Original papers, which discussed the indications and complications of SLN lymphoscintigraphy for the treatment of breast cancer were also selected. These results should help readers understand the utilization of SLN, the introduction of lymphoscintigraphy and the reported morbidities Breasy the surgical treatment of breast cancer. In the operative suite, the identification of lymph node is usually visual by staining of the tissue or detection Brsast gamma-probe.

Every lymph node which traps the radiopharmaceutical must be resected, and may vary in number from 3 to 5 James and Edge, However, King et al. The reactions are associated with the injected volume. New studies to evaluate the least volume that maintains the safety of the procedure without compromising its success, are necessary King et al. On the other hand, there are no studies about allergic reactions to 99mTc-colloid. Hence, new agents are examined with the intention of selecting the only lymph nodes with metastasis. The long term impact of these reactions has not been studied yet James and Edge, Regarding the injection site, as soon as SLN started to be used, the most typical type of injection was the peritumoral.

However, subsequent studies showed that the periareolar was more accurate and more reliable for the identification of SL with a lower false negative rate. Another issue to be taken into account is the fact that isosulfan blue dye is rapidly absorbed by lymph nodes and is generally injected 5 - 10 minutes before the surgery. The radiolabeled colloid, however, needs to be absorbed and may be injected several hours or even the day before surgery. Other factor which influences the detection of SL is an increased incidence of false negative results when the procedure is performed by an inexperienced surgeon James and Edge, ; Czerniecki et al.

Once the SL is excised, the lymph node freezing technique may be used for cytological analysis; however, there are advantages and limitations. One of the limitations is that this process may cause tissue changes or losses during the process, interfering in the diagnosis Massod, On the other Breast sado, there are studies which do not find differences between this technique and the cytological analysis. The standard, according to Massod would be that the pathologist had access to the material of the primary core before SLN interpretation, so that he could be familiar with the histological Breast sado biological appearance of the injury James and Edge, ; Massod, Consequently, lymphoscintigraphy has been used to help SLN mapping, even though its value is still a matter for debate.

Although almost all SLN are located in the axilla, in some patients drainage is to the lymph nodes located in the internal mammary chain. This is more common when the tumour is in the internal quadrant. This study of these lymph nodes has limited functions for some groups since they do not decrease false negative rates and increase institutional costs for the procedure. Nevertheless, in conformity to Czerniecki et al. Furthermore, the study may help to limit the extent of axillary dissection and also affect adjuvant systemic therapy and radiotherapy with tumours of 2 cm Czerniecki et al. In order to bring evidence about alterations after surgery, another lymphoscintigraphy was performed postoperatively.

These findings are fundamental to the explanation of contralateral metastases, with or without disease remaining on the ipsilateral breast or on the thoracic wall and to define risk node groups regarding cancer dissemination Filippakis and Zografos, ; Olmos et al. Authors also have confirmed the use of lymphoscintigraphy in the prevention of lymphedema after breast cancer Krynycki et al. The eligibility criteria for SLN are generally breast cancer of 3 cm or less and clinically negative axilla. The value for patients with ductal carcinoma in situ is extremely controversial because of the reduced morbidity of SLN and metastatic disease found in these patients Massod, ; Noguchi et al.

Another discussion is the elimination or not of SLN before neoadjuvant chemotherapy, because there may be a complete response with regression in the metastases of some lymph nodes, Breast sado the disease Brsast remain in other ones Noguchi et al. The absolute contraindications are: The relative contraindications are: The aim of the detection of the SLN is to reduce postoperative morbidity Breastt from axillary lymphadenectomy and maintain the correct staging of axilla in breast cancer. Studies which analysed the disease remaining after SLN suggest that this is an efficient method rBeast breast cancer Konstantiniuk et al. One of the main complications after surgical treatment is upper limb lymphedema.

Various studies have been performed comparing the incidence and prevalence of this complication to the surgical technique used. However, the results of these studies must be interpreted cautiously for several reasons. The disease stage in the population undergoing SLN is different from that of the population undergoing axillary lymphadenectomy. In addition, different criteria are used for diagnosing lymphedema. Some authors consider the edema which occurs within the six first years after surgery as a chronic condition lymphedema. Early edema, however, is usually transitory, does not predispose to chronic lymphedema and its risk factors are distinct Bergmann et al.

The average difference between the limbs in SLN ranged from 0. The investigation by Veronesi et al. In practice, based on the absence of axillar recurrence at clinical fol- accommodation and elasticity of tissues and the silicone low-up evaluation. Although the in the axillar lymphatic drainage, and that the SLN biopsy study was based on a small sample, it was carefully con- would be possible in this subgroup of women.

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The ducted and should stimulate more Breast sado and protocols advantage of the Munhoz et al. The greater number of patients with early sample, is that the patient served as her own control, breast cancer and breast surgery managed in the past in- allowing a check to determine whether the preoperative creases the possibility of more prospective studies. These axillar lymph node corresponds to the same lymph node studies, associated with routine lymphadenectomy, will after surgery. Although the lymphoscintigraphy Breast sado gradually provide more data on the detection rates and 7 months after the breast surgery demonstrated a low accuracy of SLN for this specific group of patients. The uptake at the right axillar lymph node, as compared with definite answer will arise through randomized studies the preoperative findings, the authors show that this dif- involving consistent samples and breasts of women with ference was exclusively attributable to the insufficient time early breast cancer undergoing surgery by more than one 2 h between the injections and the images.

In these studies, the gold standard will be Gray et al. J Clin Oncol J Natl Cancer Inst Can J Surg Arch Surg analysis of sentinel lymph node biopsy in breast cancer. Sentinel The feasibility of sentinel lymph node detection in patients with lymph node biopsy. Aesth Plast Surg Am relapse after sentinel lymph node biopsy for breast cancer is J Surg Presentation, stage, and lym- Plast Reconstr Surg Optimal techniques for performing section in breast cancer. N Engl J Med

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