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Meet the people behind those "Sarah Palin: Putting the 'Cunt' back in our Country" T-shirts

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But Andrew Wool has five: I quickly twisted off the cap of the vodka, slammed 4 shot glasses down and iz "Who wants some js shots?! They all are," he says. August 20, This past weekend, I went to Lollapalooza in Chicago. It might be the only job I can get. Hey, I won't be mad at ya if you peruse my comedy a bit. They make the shirts themselves in Widzer's University City apartment.

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Eventually some of them obliged, reluctantly, as if I had just asked him to finger their mother. Some were stoked and smiley, some didn't understand what was going on, and some, well, some were probably scared. I guess if I was in a foreign country where I didn't know the language or customs, and I was in an apartment of someone I didn't know and they were trying to force-feed me a liquid while screaming "Free fucking shots! I would look back at them a couple seconds later and they'd be cracking up. Meet the people behind those "Sarah Palin: What the FUCK is wrong with you people!?!? Widzer had better luck with a group called Fire Fighters for Obama.

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