Latex list spacing

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Try out the examples below, to see what the lists look like in a real document. Itemize, enumerate, and description.

LaTeX will happily allow you to insert lisg list environment into an existing one up to a depth of four, more levels are available using packages. Simply begin the appropriate environment at the desired point within the current list. Latex will sort out the layout and any numbering for you. If you are using a KOMA-script class or package scrextendthe labeling environment is handy. It takes a mandatory argument that contains the longest of your labels.

Please note that the example also shows how to change the font. In combination with a package like exsheets, you can prepare exam papers for students. Package enumitem provides you a simple interface to customize the appearance of lists. Here are some of the common vertical spacing lengths used with list items: Leave this alone unless blank lines become a problem.

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Here are some Lztex the common horizontal spacing lengths used with list items: Remember, environments can nest. This should be set at least to or more than the longest expected label. This is one of the handiest adjustments you can make to create the ultimately readable list for your exact situation. Use it early and often.

Spacing Latex list

This setting enforces this distance by shoving the label left rather than moving the body left margin right. It can be a little ugly, but if you're pressed for vertical space and want to decrease interparagraph llst within items while still giving the user cues as where new paragraphs begin, this is the way to do it. What this horrid adjustment does is takes the label and first line of a multiline body, and push them left from the normal item body left margin. This makes the body lines not line up. If you already have a list where multiline items look wrong, try setting this length to 0 to see whether a previous global setting of this length has caused problems.

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