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A number of studies have found that pregnant mothers who abuse cocaine are at risk tl miscarriage due to the fact that usage in early pregnancy decreases blood flow Long-term drug abuse can greatly impact the development of a child. They were just experiences. They felt it was another "rollicking rock effort", "teaming with commercial appeal".

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The direct impact of the drug on a developing fetus may lead to a number of congenital abnormalities or birth defectsincluding Options for addiction treatment include: Problems with language development. Congenital heart diseases CHDs. He kept stopping and letting the crowd sing and it wasn't just a few people, it was everyone. Ongoing paternal drug use. However, in the medical community, this remains controversial. Impaired perceptual reasoning and procedural learning.

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Critical reception[ edit ] Upon release, Disc commented: Sudden infant death syndrome SIDS. By taking the steps to get treatment, you are creating a safe and healthy environment for your child. These teens were also more likely to have

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