Asian golfer sterotype

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The stereotypes do not tell the whole story. Many of these players eventually will join a club industry data backs this up.

Sterotype Asian golfer

For over 30 years in the US, as a social golfer, I played some of the most amazing courses anywhere in the world. Playing with mates and colleagues from work was the norm, AAsian many of the big companies I worked for had social golf clubs. CEOs, engineers, software designers and marketing managers were members of these clubs. They were a far cry from the perceived stereotype of the beer-guzzling, havoc-wreaking social golfer well, maybe except for the marketing managers. When I moved to Australia, my employer at the time the GM of the business invited me to play with his social group.

As it turned out, they were and still are a great group of guys who know and respect the game as well as anyone with whom I have played. Non-golfers tend to have one image of the sport: A bunch of old people in preppy clothing whacking a ball around for hours. An average round of golf lasts approximately four-and-a-half hours, requiring consistent physical and mental stamina throughout. After nine holes, athletes are able to eat, but must do so while they continue to walk the course. Yoga instructors also came in about once a week to help the team with balance which is the key to a good golf swing, she said.

Golf is 90 percent mental. However, resilience and a positive attitude are key to having a good day in golf, she said.

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And they have plenty of playing opportunities and chances to go,fer in pro events, including majors. Steotype can see a bunch of kids on the range every day at practice. We have a few more academies now for golfers to train. We have more kids playing on the junior circuits. We have more junior circuits; we only had one when I was a kid, but we have four or five different junior circuits back home now. Aphibarnrat, 28, has already won four times in his European Tour career, and Sharma has won twice this season on the tour.

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