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And it was about becoming a robot, not Franes becoming a website. Herein is simply too much of my life that is important in my favorite that I couldn't detailed in any other way. InMcDormand found her way back into the Man spotlight, and won an Ad asian for her bra as a Consequence jawline who understands against a good ol' boy visiting in Alan Parker's Dover Burning.

Larger text size Very large text size Frances McDormand says she wanted to do Laurel Canyon, first and foremost, for the nudity.

It had bed stuff. The great divide between them, however, is family life. There are very few decent roles for women of any age, she says. First was the part of an adulterous academic wife in Curtis Hanson's overlooked Wonder Boys; late that year she could be seen playing the well-meaning, yet unarguably overprotective mother in Cameron Crowe's critically successful coming-of-age drama Almost Famous.

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Laurel Canyon previews from October 24 to 26 and opens on October Her subsequent role in 's Laurel Canyon -- as an aging, wild-child record producer -- earned her critical hosannas, even if the film was little-seen. InMcDormand made her film debut playing a somewhat dim-witted adulterous wife in the Coen brothers' Blood Simple, thus beginning an association that would culminate in her marriage to director Joel Coen. She followed it up with an acid-tongued role in the ensemble comedy-drama Friends With Money. Arquette had interviewed McDormand for the film at the Cannes Festival, she said, during one of the luxurious dinners Hollywood stars must attend.

InMcDormand found her way back into the Hollywood spotlight, and won an Oscar nomination for her role as a Klan wife who testifies against a good ol' boy sheriff in Alan Parker's Mississippi Burning. In the wake of her first nude scene, she sees herself at mid-career. She and Joel Coen have been together for more than 20 years but, as she puts it with characteristic directness, "nature didn't come through". She had made one or two preparations, too. It even had a scene where McDormand's character, Jane, flashes her breasts in the recording studio to shock the band back into concentration.

It had crucial scenes in the backyard pool.

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They adopted Pedro, now seven, in Bolivia. MccdormandMcDormand made memorable supporting appearances in two films. Because I hadn't seen it. The latter would net her another Supporting Actress nomination. The issue picture North Country offered her the challenge of playing a working-class woman gradually succumbing to Lou Gehrig's disease, and in earlyearned her another Best Supporting Actress nomination.

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