Foods to make sperm taste better

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What Does Sperm or Semen Taste Like?

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We have sent you a verification email. To verify, just follow the link in the message Now Reading: Specially for the first-timers, blowjob is hard, mostly for the reservations they have against having something sad smelling in their mouths. The fusty smell has often been compared to a pair of moldy socks, if nothing worse. But there are ways a man can alter this. Following is what you should go for and what you need to flag red if you want a pleasant oral hook up. Water Studies have shown that semen is up to 98 per cent water. Having large amounts of water can be helpful if you want to make it more voluminous and lessen its unpleasant smell. For example, you may love garlic, but garlic also makes sperm taste bitter or salty.

Foods that are known for giving you a lot of bad gas tend to give your semen a bad taste. For instance, avoid foods such as cabbage or cheese. These will only give you strong smelling semen.

Similarly, most foods that are known for giving bad breath are known for being bad for semen taste. This is both good for taete health and for your semen taste. For example, lighter meats lead to a less salty taste, so, instead of beef, consider switching to fish or chicken. This is a healthy choice that has the added bonus of improving the flavor of your sperm. Choose healthier foods over unhealthy foods.

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Your body tends to produce worse tasting semen when it is given bad chemicals. Bad chemicals make your sperm taste bitter and stinky. The basic theme to pay attention to is that what you put into your body affects what you put out. So, how can your sexual health avoid being affected? These are known to make the semen taste bitter, so make sure to quit smoking and avoid illegal drugs. Alcohol may not have a negative effect on your sexual health if consumed in moderation but it may make your semen taste bitter. So, if you are planning on oral sex, avoid alcohol too.

Taste better to Foods make sperm

This is probably why the semen of vegetarian men is considered to be much tastier than those who commonly eat non-vegetarian Fokds. So, avoid eating red meat and instead go for fish which is Foode with essential fatty acid and may actually improve the taste. Dairy products are also known to increase the saltiness of your semen. So, make sure to avoid it if you want to build up a little tastier semen in your body for your next sexual encounter. Similarly, foods with strong and foul smell such as garlic may make your semen taste not very good.

So, avoid consuming these foods. And if you are too fond of your fast food burgers, it may be time to rethink. All the chemical present in junk food is only going to make your semen taste bitter. However, some people have found that there are certain foods that can help make it sweeter and tastier. Cinnamon is especially recommended to make semen taste better.

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