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See, srx focus is to showcase the best sites on the web in the gay community and well, you've stumbled across the segment devoted to gay porn torrents. These search engines archive the most popular uploads as well as the latest releases — a top requirement for a relatively small niche in the torrent community. So what are you waiting for? Check out my reviews of these top quality gay torrent sites and have fun! I want to download full-length HD gay pornography movies for free! Give me gay porn torrent websites! Then keep on reading.

What exactly is a torrent file? If you click on a URL link, you're taken to a web domain to access some kind of data. Similarly, a torrent is a link to a file of data uploaded to a peer-to-peer network.

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But, just like a URL mocies leads to a site or web page which is down, if a torrent is no longer Biytorrent you won't get the file. Remember, a torrent will give you the file size, name, and location but not the data of the file itself. To get that, you need a torrent client to download the data file itself. In other words, when you download a torrent, you are getting a sort of digital key which allows you to open a larger digital package. What's a magnet link?

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Bittorgent magnet link is similar to a torrent, asain without the middle party to get the data you want. A magnet attracts a hyperlink which has a code for the torrent aasian you want. And unlike a asoan BitTorrent, you don't need a separate file to start downloading the main file. Asain put it another way, a magnet link saves you time downloading content so movise can get access to whatever pervy porno file you want to pull it to. How do you download all this gay content? First, you are going to need a tracker site which lists torrent files. You click on the torrent that you want, Bitotrrent the torrent, open up the file, and wait for the torrent to start downloading.

Magnet links are even easier to use. All you have to do is click on the link, and your browser should open to a BitTorrent client and begin downloading a file. And I mean a lot. To put it another way, imagine being in an anonymous bareback orgy without being on PrEP. Sure you'll have a great time for a while, but after a while, you might find yourself infested with viruses. So, be careful when you're getting your virtual sex fix. You can protect your computer with anti-virus software. But, just like a condom, even the best protection can fuck up, so be careful what files you download. What are the best gay porn torrenting sites in ?

The web design is really good, it's easy to use, and getting an account is completely free. In addition to torrents of torrents see what I did there? But this torrent site has a lot of great features. The most important is that this site focuses on curating the best cock footage content on the web. With so much dedication to posting torrents to the best fag smut, you may never need to go to another website ever again. As a nice bonus, this website also has a thriving online community, additional content besides porn, and even a live chat room.

movkes Signing up is super Bittortent and free — so, if you're looking for a porn-oriented community with an orientation for other dudes, this website is for you. How can this be free? Well it's free because we use Bittorrent Technology to share files. This mean's after you download something, you also upload to other's. And you have to upload at least half the amount that you download. Which means if you download 10Gigs, you have to share 5Gigs back. By the way you can preview our site's look by clicking here.

This small file allows you to download the larger files you want. What is a BitTorrent Program: Steps to using a Bittorrent program: Download a program, we suggest, Utorrent, Vuze, Transmission or Deluge. Then the real files linked from the. What are Seeders and Leechers: Basically a Seeder completed a torrent and a Leecher is still downloading from it.

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