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Reaction to The Sociable Orgy was mixed and therefore confused. Thy television series was denied in many visitors across the U.

Their television series was syndicated in many cities across the U. Instead The Imperial Orgy was presented in a night club that normally featured local cover bands.

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Early years[ edit ] The group formed in the film department of the Penn State University when Caeser Pink brought together a collection of film students to create a live multimedia presentation. This began a flurry of activity that included performances at some of New York City's best venues, the production of a cable TV series, [8] the creation of innovative websites, art exhibitions, fashion shows, poetry readings, multi-artist music concerts, political salon debates, and music recordings. Their multimedia performances featured a rotating cast of dozens of musicians, actors, dancers, performance artists, filmmakers, costume designers, choreographers, and tech designers.

Performances were cancelled due to protests and threats of violence from religious organizations, [1] their event posters were banned from the university causing a freedom of speech fight championed by the student newspaper, [2] [3] [4] [5] and women's studies classes debated the group's presentations of sexuality. Watch a sexy and busty lady jerking off two cocks at the same time, doing the so-called double handjob.

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