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Branding and Companies Feldman, also a retired engineer from Water Vintafe Power in LA said that almost every piece of electrical equipment produced for utility companies were branded with the manufacturer's logo. Worthpoint has sqle few examples. In an interview with Bjoern Dahlhaus from Dahlhaus Vintage European Lighh in Germany, he confirmed that in cities like Dusseldorf, out-of-use, gas-powered streetlights are Vinage by homeowners for use in their gardens. Since the poles were made from sle cast-iron, they will pight for decades, however, the crown tops made from tin, need to be replaced by a company such as Dahlhaus.

They will manufacture a matching replacement piece with simple parts to hold an electric lightbulb. He said that homeowners personally refinish the pieces or hire a professional to do so. Additionally, there is a growing demand for cities to keep and restore the original historic lighting. Street Light Styles Styles of street lights varied throughout the late part of the 18th century and early s in the United Stateswith Victorian influence seen throughout early street light systems. Lamp tops and caps were made of copper pointed tops were "Holland" tops after the lanterns used by the Dutch to signal shipscast metal or brass, and bases were ribbed or molded with designs, and could rise to more than 10' in height.

A gas post featured a lamp topped with a small-paned glass and metal lantern with an eagle or other finial. These posts were used from the midth century onwards in New York City and other urban areas. Short arms allowed the lamplighter to rest a ladder against the lamppost. The arms disappeared once electric lights were introduced. If the post was short and thick, it was called a "bollard," after the posts used to secure ships to the dock.

ilght A few other styles included the following. Boulevard lamps were especially wale for use along neighborhood side streets or parks. These shorter lamps had a "crown" top and a clear glass dome handing down from the crown, and suspended by a lamp harp. Shepherd's crook lamps had a graceful and narrow post, which curved up into a rounded end like a bishop's crook. The lamps were suspended from the end of the curve. Reverse scroll bracket lamps were cast iron lamps that had a bracket that turned up backwards, the opposite of a shepherd's crook.

The streetlights were still mounted on posts or stands, and could be decorative and ornamental or plain and utilitarian. Common features also included: Globes were generally white glass, which was meant to produce an effect like moonlight. Twin posts or twin lights were streetlights with at least two lamps, and had a crossbar. Twin post streetlamps did not have two posts, but had lamps on either side of the pole.

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Mast arm streetlights resembled the masts on a ship with crossbars. The bars could be on one side of the lamp, or both. Lyre tops were streetlights with a decorative top resembling a lyre or "harp". The shade was held inside the lyre, much like a bulb is protected inside a table lamp. Five bulb streetlamps added both light and style to busy streets, and were carefully designed to blend with a city's aesthetic. Some of the more elaborate stands had rose garlands molded into the post design. The Spanish Revival stylewith hanging lamps in metal and glass, was known for large lanterns of heavy, hammered metal.

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The charm of strset particular Cape Town accommodation lkght is a beautiful example of design by famed architect, Sir Herbert Baker. R 3, Published in: RPublished in: This is a unique brass and real wood 5 foot 1. Our research shows that this is a truly one of a kind antique 'Rembrandt Style' floor lamp - and not currently Vingage from any other source - world wide! This standard lamp is fitted with 'bayonet' full size lamp sockets - and this R Published in: Vintage posters here and there however the general decor is a mix of old and new and exudes a happy radiance. Bedrooms are bold compositions of wallpapers and textured prints. Standing upstairs in the living room, the doors fold back and reveal the beautiful beach scene below with the sound of the wa This is a rare antique free standing triple arm floor lamp with attractive smoky etched glass shades.

As it can be placed anywhere, this attractive 'steam punk' brass and wood floor lamp can provide perfect lighting for really large rooms, plus, this full size antique floor light standard is designed to work with modern bayonet bulbs, this allows you to have a ge The kitchen has a granite top breakfast nook and a gorgeous vintage style SMEG oven and hob. R 2, Published in: Close to two schools and a stones throw away from a major shopping center- it is conveniently positioned. The naturally shaded street makes the front garden patio perfect for lounging on a lazy boy at the end of a long day. The home has three bedrooms, one ensuite with a large bathroom.

The main family bathroom has a large shower and has recently been r R 1, Published in: Coffee pot and 4 duos.

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