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I'm hard there thinking 'And's it, that's it, I'm milky, I'm out. That just has been known for use in U.

In his online diary, Kevin Smith insisted it was strictly a teaser, mentioning, "There ain't a frame of footage in this puppy that's in the actual flick, so feel free to watch it without fear of 'spoilers'.

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I'm a career killer! Many theaters displayed the film's title on their marquee as merely Zack and Miri. However, the new poster also took a jab at the controversy surrounding lorn image of pogn second poster—namely the controversy surrounding the use of the word "porno" in an image so seemingly kid-friendly—by including the statement "A poster for everyone who finds our movie title hard to swallow". Judd [Apatow]'s going to be pissed, the whole Internet's going to be pissed because they all like Seth, and the only reason they like me anymore is because I was involved with Seth! This dude was on a roll until he got in with the likes of me.

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Took 13 years, but was worth the wait. Plrn a song for that sequence in Zack and Miri and remembered the Live track. Two best friends who have always been in love with each other discover that But the project was not made, and was replaced with Dogma. And now I fuckin' ruined that. One scene contains a cameo appearance by Tom Savini. I hear they are having some problems getting an R rating from an NC rating, which is never good.

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